Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yesterday was fun. My sister came over and helped me rearrange and organize Molly's room. We moved her bed by the door, so it wasn't by the window. She was scared to be by the window. It turned out really nice. We also changed the livingroom around some. My sister said it looked like a waiting room, lol.

Here is one view: Excuse the clutter!

and another:

and another:

last one:

Here is one of Parker on the couch with his prized possesions. His video's and his monster trucks. He was watching monster jam at the moment. I wish I would have gotten one where he was looking at me.

Parker and his stuff


Brandy said...

Wow! Your living room is huge! I bet it's nice to have that much room to move around. :) Looks great!

I also see the beautiful kitty sitting there. Makes me think of my kitty I had for 15 years.

Anonymous said...

:) Thank you for sharing. I didn't realize how interesting it would be to see what other people's houses look like!