Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've been tagged...

I've been tagged by Betsy at

5 songs that I'm embarrassed to admit I love:

1)Blame it on the rain by Mili Vanilli
2)I can talk from Charlottes web
3)The gummy bear song
4)Fishin in the dark (can't remember the singer)
5)I'm a little airplane now from Sesame street

Click on the links below if you want to hear one of them.

I'm tagging Juile, Mama, Ronda and Shannon and anyone else who wants to do it.


Anonymous said...

BOBBI!!!! I don't want to do this!!!
* you have to say that in a whiny voice * :)


Betsy said...

Oh those are good ones! Isn't it funny how a song your kids are attached to somehow never leaves you! I have several of those....they become sentimental in a way. They can drive everyone else crazy but they are in our minds forever! :) Thanks for playing along!

Bobbi said...

Shannon, you don't have to, lol. It's only if you want to for fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do it. :) I like these tag games. But you HAVE to give the person who tagged you a hard time. lol!


mama said...

ha ha~ i like your songs:)

Anonymous said...

That gummi bear some is going to be in my head now... and I've never ever heard it before until just now! haha! I'll play along...but mine probably aren't kid songs. :)

Anonymous said...

Your #4 is Garth Brooks if it's the version I know...had to look it up or it would bug me forever. haha!