Monday, July 21, 2008

Some pictures from Parker at preschool.

His teacher gave me a disk and I copied a few of them.

Licking an ice cream with his ears plugged. (at the dairy)
licking an ice cream with ears plugged

Sitting with his buddies at the dairy.
sitting with friends at dairy

Feeding a calf with his ears plugged, lol.
feeding a calf

Holding a bunny at the pet store.
holding a bunny

Riding the merry go round.
riding the merry go round with school

Reading at school. (or looking at a book)
reading at school

And lastly, going down the slide.

I just loved his preschool!


Heike said...

You've probably tried it already, but just in case you haven't - we give our son some heavy duty earmuffs when going on outings and shows, or the movies, anywhere that might be noisy, the muffs go with us...

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for sharing your pictures!

kristi said...

He is so very cute!