Thursday, July 17, 2008

Atomic diarrhea!

Love my title? Yuck! Parker is having it bad. Yesterday he had such a blow out that dh swears he's going to throw the computer chair away. He cleaned it and put it outside, but I don't think it will survive. This morning when I went to get him up, I smelled it right away. It was all over his pj bottoms. Boy, that was fun. I got him in the tub and called his ride. He was definitely not going to school. He's had it once more, but he seems like he feels fine. He's eaten lunch and breakfast and not complained. He was so happy when I said he was sick and he could stay home. He kept smiling and repeating it over and over. "I sick, I stay home with you." What a little turkey. Now he is on my new recliner and I am eyeing him. I even told him not to poop on the recliner, do you think that will help, lol. So, I'm doing laundry, checking butts and hanging out with my sick boy. I hope everyone is having a good day.


Anonymous said...

I have you on 'My Blog List'. :)

I checked my blog and saw your title and thought OMG!! Not on the front of my blog!!!! LOL!!!!! LOL!!! I hope you got a good laugh from that. You probably need one!

It's ok. :) Really. I hope he's doing better. Is this something that happens to autistic children? food? Or a virus maybe?

Lots of hugs!

Bobbi said...

ROTFL~ Sorry about that one! I didn't think about that! I think he may have a little virus or he drank too much juice. I'm not sure but he seems to feel fine.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're all well and feeling better. :)