Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yard work day.

I'll admit it, I've been really feeling sorry for myself lately. I decided that I need to do something about it because things are not going to change right now. Dh and I cleaned up the backyard. We took out the old sand box, bleached it out and turned it back into a pool, which it originally was. We got rid of a bunch of old yard toys. Took a table out of the garage for our cement slab. Washed the slab, sprayed down spiderwebs off the house and got rid of anything junky. We moved the swing set more to the front where the kids might be more enticed to use it. Then we arranged and sprayed off everything so it's nice and clean. It needs to be mowed, but we'll have to do that when Parker isn't at home. I decided that if the yard was nicer we might find more things to do out there. It never lasts too long though, because of the noises from the neighborhood. Parker just hates that.

One thing that I've been needing is a jogging stroler. I posted on Craigslist about trading Parker's wagon for a one. I'd like to take long walks with the kids, but the wagon is murder on my arms. Today a lady called that wants to trade! I'm so excited! We'll go for a walk after she brings it tomorrow. It should be great! Parker loves riding in a stroller, even though he's getting big.

Also, af showed up so I'm sure that's making things worse. I'm just going to try my best to have lots of things to do and hope that the summer goes by fast. I also want to go through a lot of stuff and have a big yard sale. This Saturday we are having Bobby's birthday party. I'm glad we cleaned the yard, maybe we'll have it out there. The week after I'm having a Tupperware party, that should be fun. I hope everyone has a great Monday!


Betsy said...

Wow! You really got a lot done! Doesn't it feel great! I always think the neighbors appreciate it when we do this kinda stuff, too!

mama said...

I love it when the yard gets cleaned and rearranged!! Makes things so much more homey.

Anonymous said...

Hubby worked in our yard yesterday.

I love Tupperware! :)