Tuesday, July 29, 2008


With August coming up I have a lot of new stresses.

In August we have:

-Molly's birthday
-school shopping
-the fair
-talent contest
-niece's wedding
-me starting college

I've been writing things down because I've been becoming overwhelmed thinking about it all. Molly and I have been planning her birthday for the end of August. She wants to have a tea party birthday. I've been looking online for ideas for snacks, decorations and cakes. I think we have it pretty much figured out. She wants a bike for her birthday. So with the party, her presents, school clothes, wedding presents, lunches, clothes for the talent contest, soccer cleats, and everything at the fair, I'm scared. Money money money. Here's hoping it's easier than I think.


Anonymous said...

Hi list writer. I'm a list writer. I call it "my brain" lol!! I think it takes some of my stress off if I write things down. I keep thinking that I'll forget something. I make a list every evening. I have several list. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm another list writer... but I'm an idiot and I can't stand my list telling me what to do, so I always ball it up and throw it out!!! Seriously, though- lists help get some stress off my mind. Take one thing at a time. :) Good for you for going to college. That's awesome!

...totally hear ya about the money thing. We're going through that right now...