Thursday, July 10, 2008

The other rooms in the house

I decided to take a pic of the kids rooms to share. I typed over a pic of Mollys because she had shorts on and she looked like she was posing. You don't know what weirdo's are reading your blog so I didn't want to leave the picture like it was. The kids rooms look nice but they still need to be decluttered. They have waaaaaaay too much stuff. Heck, you should see their closets!

Here is Mollys room:
Her bed has a slide but we took it off for a while.





Here is Parker's room.




I couldn't take the best pics because their rooms are small and it was hard to get a good angle. Thanks for looking.


mama said...

The kids rooms look like they are SO FUN!!! My kids would love to have rooms like that! Our kids rooms are quite stuff free:) We don't own a lot of toys because
a. no where to put them
b. they don't seem to play much with toys. They like to play outside etc. I have some toys that the little ones use mostly. But I know my 7 y dd especially would love molly's room. Maybe one day we'll have space to leave doll houses set up etc.:)

Bobbi said...
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Bobbi said...

Now how did I delete that, lol. Thank you! They have been liking them a lot more lately. I wish we had less toys, I like rooms that are more simple. My kids just have to collect everything, it gets overwhelming. Molly has just lately decided that she doesn't want her dollhouse up any more. She thinks it's too babyish. I told her she needs to weed out her barbies first and then really think about it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I like Parker's room! I show you Daniel's room soon. He doesn't have much in it. He'd never sleep if he did! Thanks for sharing!

Betsy said...

There's nothing like that feeling of getting the kids rooms all organized. If only they would stay that way! I remember my Taylor saying "I'm going to keep it like this forever!" ha-ha! Enjoy while you can!

mommy~dearest said...

Cleanest. Rooms. Ever. *jealous*

Anonymous said...

Great rooms!