Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have a recurring bad dream...

that I've lost Parker at the beach at night. Could you imagine? That dream has happend at least 4 times and every time it's really dark and we are looking everywhere for him. That would be a parents worst nightmare, especially with a child who might not answer you back or might not be afraid of water. I hope that dream stays away. I always think about it when I go to the beach. Funny thing is, I never go at night. Plus, I watch Parker like a hawk when we go. Last night I dreamt that Parker's teacher dropped Parker off to me and said that school was too hard for him. She said that she didn't think he could make it regular and should go to a different school or no school at all. In my dream he was super emotional and crying all the time. Boy am I glad that one was a dream.

Today it's kind of grey out, but I like a break from the heat. Not much exciting going on today. Oh well, I'm sure I'll miss days like that when everyone is busy again.


Maddy said...

Glad yours is but a dream dearie, mine turned out into a real nightmare.
Best wishes and hope those dreams [or the real thing] stay far away.

Bobbi said...

Maddy, sorry about that. Does that mean your child isn't in school or in a special school? I don't really know where Parker will be once he finishes another year of preschool for children with autism. I want him mainstreamed but I really am not sure how he'll do. Also he's starting a new preschool this year. It's supposed to be very similar to the one he's been going to but it's in a town closer to us. They just open 3 new sites in our county.