Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I can be crafty too...

I know how to make your own cake stand. I'm linking a couple of posts because I'm not actually doing it today. While looking for pictures online I found a couple cute ideas. My idea, that I didn't come up with, is to glue the bottom of matching bowl to the bottom of a matching plate. Wala, you have a cake stand. My sister even gets dollar store plates and bowls and makes them. You want to get some kind of water proof glue. Here are some sites that make some.

Here is one out of plastic plates and cups:

Here is one out of plates and sundae cups:
It also has one like the idea I told you about below it.

This one has a lot of examples:

Take a picture if you ever end up making one of your own so I can see it! I plan to make one for Bobby's party Saturday if I get to the store in time. Or maybe my lovely sister will make one for me if she has time, hint-hint. Lol!

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Cool idea!