Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today I filled up the pool outside for the kids. It's just a little wading pool, but it does cool you off. (It was actually warm for a while) I even rolled up my jeans and waded with Parker.

muscle man!Photobucket

I also took a cute picture of Jack. Photobucket

I just love orange kitties!

Molly wasn't outside until later, so she's not in any of the pictures. We hung out until Bobby came home around 2:00. I gave him and Parker a haircut. Bobby had to stop at the dollar store first for some prizes for Parker. Haircutting is pretty upsetting to him, so prizes help. He moved when I did the sides, so one looks choppy. Oh well, he's a kid.
He was really upset when I used the clippers on the sides and back of Bobby's hair. It really really upset him. He plugged his ears and hummed loudly on his bed until I was done. It upset him so much that he got really sweaty. Just so you know, I never use clippers on Parker. Afterwards we gave him a bath and his prizes and he was happy as a clam. At 4:00 the respite worker came. She is so great. Bobby and I went to dinner and then to the casino. We met my Mom and sister there. It wasn't that fun. It's never fun to lose money, plus we were hardly together. It was nice seeing my Mom and sister though. That's about it for the day. All in all it was nice. Here's hoping tomorrow the kids and I can take a long walk and Bobby can get the lawn mowed. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

(add: For some reason all my pictures are turning out big and lopsided. I think it's the way I'm uploading them from photobucket. They should be way smaller.)


Anonymous said...

Your pictures look fine to me! :)

Good job with the hair cut! I need to give Daniel one soon too. Usually they aren't too bad, but it takes a lot of patience. I do them when he's in the tub- so that will be an experience since he doesn't want to be in the tub these days!!!

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

I gave my boys a haircut on Friday. I'll post those soon. :)

I love orange kitties too. We have one and his name is ....Orange Kitty!! I have children. lol!!