Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What makes Parker unique....

I was thinking about how unique everyone is and it got me thinking about Parker's uniqueness.

He has a very large vehicle video collection.
He remembers trucks he's had from a long time ago. Watch it if you put one up.
He can withstand loud noises if it's something to do with trucks.
He doesn't like toothpaste on his toothbrush.
He likes his oreo's opened.
He only likes one type of pringles.
He has a love/hate relationship with Santa.
He has more than 2 whole bookshelves full of books, mostly about trucks.
He doesn't like people yelling at cats, lol.
He thinks couches were made for jumping off of.
He never met a bed he didn't like.
He doesn't mind getting into beds of other people.
He is more afraid of little dogs than big dogs.
He loves going to yard-sales but thinks they all contain truck movies or books and is very disappointed when they don't.
He mostly only likes to wear sweatpants.
He will do anything almost for a new truck.
He likes to let you hug him backwards.
His sister stresses him out with her dramatic-ness.
He likes to smell his food before he eats it.
He will only eat french fries at the zoo.
He has a large truck shirt collection.
He has a toy cafe in his room with a MacDonald's play set inside.
He has a large collection of blankets.
He hates drawing, coloring or cutting.
He has not decided which hand he prefers yet. He may be ambidextrous or maybe he just doesn't know yet.
He has come a long way since his autism diagnosis.
He is his Mommy's little angel!

What makes your child unique?

(I'll write about Molly next time.)


Anonymous said...

I like this post. What a great way to celebrate your son. :)

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