Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Me that is! My sweet little angel is cranky and bored. I let him watch monster truck videos on you-tube, but he thinks they should be endless and new all the time. Then I let him help me make fudge. He cried when I told him not to touch the pan because it was hot. He didn't want it to be hot. Then he got mad when he discovered it was fudge and not chocolate chip cookies. Then he wanted to help me wash dishes. He got mad because I wouldn't let him put his monster truck in to wash until the dishes were done. Then he accidentally dumped a glass of soapy water on the floor. He got upset and ran into the living room. He is cranky and it's been wearing on me. He's watching a fire truck video now and eating sausage. He is a happy boy for the moment. I'm trying to get this house cleaned why he is content. No wait, I'm on the computer, lol. Well, I'll get off here in a minute and clean it. He really needs to go to school tomorrow. I have my counseling appt., my Dr. appt., need to pay bills and then in the evening go to our disabilities group. Please pray he feels better tomorrow. Plus, he is driving me batty, lol!

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