Saturday, April 26, 2008

A post about Molly.....


M: Marvelous
O: Outgoing
L: Lovable
L: Loony
Y: Yell-er (Loves to yell, lol, couldn't think of anything for Y, but it fits)

She is 9, will be 10 in August. She loves to sing and perform. You can hear her the loudest in her class during plays or singalongs. She wants to either be a teacher or a singer some day. She is very dramatic. She loves animals. She loves her brother. I had to stop her giving him "piggy" rides because it was hurting her back. She is a very social girl and loves being with friends. She loves swimming. She loves drawing, painting, and crafts. She loves High School Musical and Hannah Montana. She is very smart. She has a great memory. She is very caring and thinks of others feelings. She can't stay away during a movie at home if she has a blanket. She loved "Bob the builder" when she was little. She loves to make you laugh. She has always wished she had brown hair instead of her beautiful blond hair. It's because we all have brown hair. She has big blue eyes. We all have brown or hazel. Bobby's are kind of hazel/blue. I love her so much. She is my sweetie pie and the best daughter ever!

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