Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is how Parker spent his time at "Touch a truck".


The whole 5 minutes we stayed there. It was at a really nice school with a baseball field and some nice playgrounds. The minute we got out of the van he plugged his ears with one finger and bent his shoulder to his ear to plug the other one. He got in 2 trucks but kept his ears like that. Molly was upset and I was disappointed for him. We drove 45 minutes just to go there. He kept whining that he wanted to go back to the van the whole time. We decided to leave and go to a neighboring town. That was nice and relaxing except for the wasp that flew into the ice cream parlor we were at. They are pretty hippy there and just said, "Oh, he's just flying around." Molly was freaking this time so we had to leave. Then we went to a cool shop they have there with toys and novelty things. We only stayed in there about 5 minutes because they were blowing up balloons and Parker didn't like it. After that we went into a toy store next door. Parker liked that and got a monster truck for all his suffering, lol. After that we did some touristy things like going to the drive through tree, avenue of the giants and to see a giant tree. It was warm and beautiful out. Even though I was sad about Parker not enjoying himself, we had a nice time. I hope this ear plugging thing doesn't continue forever. He just gets paralyzed with fear even before he hears any noise. Now we are home and getting ready to have pizza. What a nice day!

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