Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some pictures from a warm sunny day!

Today the weather is glorious! I'd say it's 70 degrees out today. This morning we went yard-saling with my mom. I didn't get anything, but the kids got a bunch of stuff they didn't need. I just couldn't find anything I wanted. Here are the pics from mine and Parker's time outside. (Molly is at the river with her friends family today)

I call this one, "A boy in the grass." Lol!
Boy in the grass

Here is Jack in the grass.

Here is Pepper outside.

Here is Parker, preparing to hear noise when I opened the door. He was afriad there would be lawnmower noises. (hence why our lawn looks like a jungle right now).

I feel like a bad cat Mom since I didn't include a picture of Daisy. I'll have to find one for the next post.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful sunny day!

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