Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2 funny things......

One funny thing happened yesterday. I went through the car wash. As soon as I got through I remembered my "autism awareness" magnet that I ordered off the Internet. I had a feeling it might have fell off. I stopped just past the blow drier and parked the van. I saw that no one was coming so I walked in the dripping car wash to find my magnet. As soon as I stepped in the dryers started going. It freaked me out and I ran back. What a dork. I asked the manager if he could look for it for me later. I checked back today and he found it for me. I was so happy. The second thing happened when I picked Parker up from head start. When I walked in Parker kept pointing to something and saying, "What's that?". I didn't know what he was talking about until his aid informed me. He was asking that about a really tall guy picking up his child. I guess for the last 5 minutes he had been pointing and asking loudly what that guy was. It was funny and embarrassing. I quietly said, "it's a guy" and he repeated, "It's a guy". What a nut. I've had a long day today. Shopping, taking Parker to the mall and then visiting my niece that just had her baby. Parker had a great time at the mall. We did Parker things. We went to the arcade, the toy store, the book store and to the playground. I'm beat!

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