Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Parker is home again....

He has been out of school all week with a bad cold. It's killing me, lol! He was off most of last week because of spring break, now he is home with a cold. He is going back tomorrow because he seems fine other than a runny nose. He has a little cough, but barely any. Tomorrow I have two appointments and I can't take him. One is to the Dr. to see what is going on with me. I hate going to the Dr..

This week I bought Parker a new pair of shoes. He swore they felt fine and they were the ones he wanted. I tried to put them on him at home and he says they hurt. I looked at them and the white part is all scuffed from him wearing them at the mall. I guess I can't take them back now. Yesterday I bought him a different pair of shoes, with a lower back and a smaller size. He likes them but won't try them on just yet. Everything with Parker takes time. He's very happy today. His "Cat in the hat" movie came in the mail today. He just loves that movie. I got the "Simpson's movie". That movies just cracks me up! I hope everyone has a nice day!

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