Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I want to whineeeeeeeeee!

I said I was going to try not to, but today feels right, lol. It's dreary out, everything is wet and I'm without chocolate. I'm also whining because Parker hates brushing his teeth and getting his hair combed. Every morning it's the same fight. He doesn't like the toothpaste, toothbursh or his hair being wet. You'd think he'd be used to it all by now.

On the funny side, I saw this today and it cracked me up!

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Anonymous said...

Hi!I totally relate to the hygeine thing lol.I have to almost wrangle my 5 year old to brush his teeth.We use pecs for his routine but it still is a fight.He can be stuborn!This picture is funny!My nephew had an dentist appointment once and put a pair of those odd teeth in for a funny for the dentist.By the way I do live in good old Orland:)~lisa

Bobbi said...

Wow, that's cool. Do you know a Bob Keener or anyone with the last name of Masters?