Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She is my child...

I just love to put my foot in my mouth, in fact, I have a talent for it. Molly does too and I think she gets it from me.

This week my Great Aunt Pauline is visiting from Louisiana. She is very religious but still has a good sense of humor. Molly and I visited with her tonight and we all talked a mile a minute. For some reason we got on the subject of "Malcolm in the middle". We've become obsessed with the show and have been recording all the re-runs everyday. We were telling about our favorite episodes when Molly starts to tell about the bug infestation episode.

This is how she starts it: "They have this bug infestation and have to stay in a trailer. It gets really hot and the Dad comes out in his underwear or banana boat". "Isn't that what they call it Mom?" "Banana something, right?" I hurry and say, oh, you mean like a bathing suit. Here Molly is trying to say banana hammock in front of my Great Aunt Pauline. My Mom started laughing because I think she knew what Molly meant.

After we got in the car, I told Molly that she shouldn't say things about banana's in front of Aunt Pauline. Turns out that she didn't get what banana hammock meant and just got it. She thought it was really gross, but being 10, she thought it was very funny.

She's my kid all right.

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Anonymous said...

lol!! That's too funny. :D