Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bobby is going back to work next week!

I'm really sad because I'm going to miss the time we've spent together, but happy for the money. It's hard when you don't know when your money is going to come in the mail. I think he's a little sad about it, but feels the same way about the money thing as I do.

He's bowling tonight. He loooooooves bowling. His team is doing so well, they will probably win the league this year. I'm really proud of him.

Parker seems a little funny today. He hasn't ate much and seems not himself. I so hope he isn't getting sick again. Hopefully he's just tired.

I'm really tired tonight too. I have to get in bed earlier. Why do all the good shows come one later at night? I'm recording "The Real world" and "High School Reunion". I have a thing for reality tv.

I'm rambling because I really don't have much to post about, lol. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.

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