Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It wasn't pretty...

This morning I got caught smothering (smooching and hugging) Parker and treating him like a baby.

I know, I know, he's 6, not 3. To me he is still my baby. I know that treating him like a baby does him no good. I just can't stop myself. When I dropped him off today I was early so I hung out with him a little. I hugged him a bunch and called him my baby in front of one of the teachers. She said, "Say, I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy". I knew it, I'd been caught. I have to admit it, I Baby My Son. Is there a support group somewhere for that? I think I need one.

I even carry him sometimes. I think I have a problem, lol. It was embarrassing being caught by the teacher. I know I can snuggle him, but he's not a baby. I think he seems younger though, because of the autism. It's hard to do the right thing. I think I treated Molly older than she was because she was so smart and now I'm babying Parker. When will I get it right, lol?

Anyways, I had to admit it. It's hard when you get caught and have to face up to the fact that you baby your child. It gives me something to think about today.

On a different note, Molly got all A's and B's on her report card yesterday. I'm so proud of her. She even made the top honor roll. She gets to do a bunch of cool stuff because of it. She's really proud of herself too, and that's what's great about it. Thanks for listening to my brag! I better go baby the cats now, lol.


pixiemama said...

Regaining my breath... reread that first sentence. Yeah, that's how I read it (tells you where I am in life, thinking someone had to keep you from doing THAT!).

Secondly, I'm going to proudly announce that I baby ALL my kids. I even call my 7.5 year old "baby" - at school! I could care less about what people think. This isn't abuse - it is love, love, love. And I love to love 'em. And I'll say that to anyone who tries to call me on it.


Bobbi said...

ROTFL! I fixed it a little! Too funny. I would have been caught smothering the older one this morning, literally, lol. She's the one that needs it, lol!