Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Parker, free cheese and other ramblings

I can't tell if he's still sick or not. He's not eating great, but he seems fine other than a slight runny nose. He ate a huge amount of goldfish crackers today but refuses anything else.
He had a new fear today. Molly's small "Olive Oyl" doll is terrifying to him. He kept shutting the bedroom door and I finally asked him why. It was because of the scary doll Molly hadn't put away. I had to finally make her put it away but not before she teased him a little and had to do chores. (How dare we make her pick up her own stuff) This weekend I cut Bobby's hair and Parker watched me the whole time. He was paranoid that I'd use the clippers or that he would be next. I kept assuring him that neither of them would happen, but he didn't believe me. It wasn't until I was done and he'd said, "Your done? Your done?" 2o times and I'd put the scissors away that he finally believed me. Poor guy.

Bobby got laid off today. If any of you didn't know, yes, my husbands name is Bobby and mine is Bobbi. It makes for fun phone calls. No, we don't have any brothers or children named Bobby. We do have an aunt and grandma with that name though. Also both our fathers were named Robert. I guess we were meant to be.

Bobby being laid off for a couple weeks made me think back to my childhood and free cheese. (We will be fine, it's only a couple weeks, not long enough for free cheese, lol) I loved free cheese. It was the best, and it was free. If you were poor, and a child of the 80's, you remember it. It was almost like Velveeta cheese. Ah, the memories of my childhood. I also remember adults smoking with the windows rolled up and my aunt taking her teeth out for me for entertainment. Memories......

I'm in kind of a mood today. Just lazy and tired and grumpy.

Whenever I'm upset I like to change furniture around. I got rid of two chairs in my living room today and brought in a couple end tables. I like it much better.

That's about it.


Holly said...

I'm sorry that you husband got laid off--I hope not for long..

And I don't remember free cheese but the car smoking with windows rolled up comes to mind--how crazy was that??

kristi said...

Oh yeah, I remember that free cheese it was GOOD!!!!

Hope you feel better. I am PMS'ing and my boss is working my last nerve.

Anonymous said...

Our Grandma R used to give us half of her free cheese. I remember it all too well. Good luck with everything. I hope the weeks fly by. Enjoy having a hubby at home!