Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Easter candy and stuff....

Can I just say that I love Easter candy! I love love love it! I love the colors and the different varieties. I especially love the Cadbury eggs and the mini eggs. Easter is a bad time for dieting, that's for sure. Every store I got into right now has Easter candy. It's hard to stay away from.

This morning when I dropped Parker off he seemed fine. A tiny bit anxious but nothing like before. I think he probably likes the calmness of the class. Those preschoolers were wild.

I kept him home from school yesterday because he puked, a bunch of times. Turns out it was just phlegm and he has a sensitive gag reflex. Fun fun. He was so good at the Dr.. I was so proud of him. He seemed like such a big boy.

I think Bobby wanted to kill me last night. It was raining and thundering last night and I heard some animal noises. I was also listening to make sure Parker didn't have another episode. I didn't know this before, but the baby monitor picks up tiny sounds from outside, as well as in the house. I would hear something and think it was in the house, make Bobby get up, and it turns out it was outside. Ooops.

Oh well, hopefully he's not too tired today. I got woken up this morning by thunder.

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