Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nice couple of days

These last couple of days have been really nice. The only bummer is that Parker isn't completely better and now were are catching it.

They were really happy to see him back at school on Friday. When he was going home, some of the big boys wanted a hug from Parker. There was like 5 of them and it was so sweet. The teacher said that the kids are all like that with Parker because he is the littlest and youngest.

Yesterday we went to the bouncy house at the mall. Later we were in Ross and a guy came up to us. He said he caught Parker being good and gave him a card for a free half hour at bounce a polosa. He owns the place and said he likes to catch kids being good. That was so sweet and he was being good. I asked his respite worker if she would take him there tonight because he had his free coupon. She also got him dinner at the mall. He had a good time. I asked her to take him because he seemed a little down when we left. I left her money for dinner and a drink.

Anyways, all is well here. We just need everyone to get well. Oh, also, Molly got "Citizen of the month" at school and an A + in music! I am so proud of her. Also, yesterday, she said, "Parker isn't just my brother, he's my best friend". That was soooo sweet!


kristi said...

How cute!

lonestar said...

Aww, great news! I hope everyone is feeling all the way better soon :).