Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our weekend.....

Friday morning I went to Parker's school to watch his class do a sing a long. Their class was chosen to sing in front of the gym this month. They sang a song called, "TIck tock". It was sooooo cute! Parker did everything the other kids did and just smiled from ear to ear. He was loving it. He did the pledge like a big boy, but used the wrong hand. He sat down when the other kids did and was just so well behaved. I just kept gushing about how cute he looked to dh. I didn't get any good pictures. All the ones I took came out dark and out of focus. I'm so mad about that. I am so proud of my little guy for behaving so well and not being scared or overwhelmed. He even did good when they sang, "Happy Birthday" to some kids. (That's a song he used to freak out about).

Today we mostly just hung out at home. We did look at a few yard sales for Spider-man costumes. I didn't find one. I did find a cheap cat scratching post that the cats love. I am so happy. Hopefully they will leave the couch alone now. I forgot that this afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt. We got out some Easter decorations and some plastic eggs. I put some candy and change in the eggs. The kids had a great time finding them. This year Parker really gets it and enjoys it. I also changed Parker's side of the room around and moved his bed. I hated having his bed by the wall because books would fall down beside the bed and it was hard to make the bed. It looks really cute. He's having a hard time falling asleep though. I think it's because of the change and that Molly has a friend staying the night tonight. She was so excited about it. We don't have friends stay the night that much. I like to get rid of kids, not bring them in the house, lol. (Just kidding)

Tomorrow if it doesn't rain we are going to work in the yard. I also want to do some organizing in the living room. It keeps getting so cluttered. I might go to evening service at church. It would be really nice if my SISTER wanted to come with me. (pretty please?)
That's about it. Everyone have a nice day!

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Dave Keating Photography said...

Your sister is out of town, and not sure what time she will get back. Perhaps the other?