Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yay! He's cheery again!

All it took was some snuggling, holding him, reading a book and watching a favorite movie. At the moment he is watching Ace Ventura. I know, good movie for a 5 year old, lol. He thinks it's just so funny. We are going on a walk soon to collect leaves. I think it will perk both of us up. He says he wants to feed the ducks near by also, so we'll do that too.

I've been daydreaming about moving lately. I've been reading blogs from people who live on farms or in the country and drooling! I know I won't technically be in the country, but sort of. I mean there are ducks, chickens, and a horse next door. I so hope my landlord will let us have chickens. I used to have chickens and I loved them. I just love watching them walk around and peck the ground. We also have a garden and some fruit trees. That's country enough for me! I'm going to haul out some overalls, lol. (Kidding, kidding) Now, I've never grown a garden before, so this should be a new experience. I guess the owner rototills one for you every year. There are also some pretty sunflowers growing all around! I am just in heaven!

I was asking the owner about me putting some high up locks on the doors for Parker and he said yes to that and that he would build a fence for the back. That was so so nice of him! Only about a month to go! We are kind of hoping to move over Thanksgiving break! If not it will be Dec. 1st! Yay!


rondamarie said...

I can't wait, you will be my neighbor. It's going to be great. Your going to love it. I know I love living in the country so much more. It will be good for the kids so and living so close to their Aunt will also make them happy lol. I'm so happy for that day to come.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Hey Miss Bobbi!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my place and saying hello!
I read your post and now you've got ME excited about your move!! And don't be afraid to whip out those overalls... I LIVE in mine!! Serious comfort and LOTS of pockets.. what more could a girl ask for. LOL
I hope you can have a whole yard full of chickens... they are real entertainment. You won't need TV with them around!!
I can't wait to hear about your new country life... please stop by my blog for a visit anytime!!

Bonnie said...

come on over and see my offer!

Bobbi said...

Thanks everyone! I am so excited! Ronda, it's going to be great! You'll get tired of us! Paula, I cannot wait to see if we can get chickens. It sounds like we can. Molly wants a fancy chicken for 4H. Love your blog! Bonnie, I'll check it out!

lonestar818 said...

Glad to hear he's cheery again :). Good luck with the move!