Monday, October 20, 2008

What? I can't hear you!

That's what I've been saying all weekend, and today especially. Today both of my ears are plugged, this weekend it was only the one. I've chewed gum, and taken a decongestant. Now I can only sit and wait. I have a couple important phone calls to make but I can't make them until my ears unplug. I hope it happens fast.

Parker cried when I left him at school today, my poor baby. I felt really bad for him and wanted to take him home. I didn't tell him that of course. I hope it's just because he's not 100 percent better yet.

I have his IEP meeting this week, but he won't be starting Kindergarten until Dec 1st.

Lots of changes are happening and I hope they don't happen to fast for Parker.


kristi said...

Gosh I hope your ears UNSTOP!! I hope Parker has a good day.

Betsy said...

What??? :)
Hope you can hear better very soon!
Have a good day!

Anne said...

I've had the same ear issues, for like months now. I've taken several different antibiotics, but still I'm clogged. I hate it! I hope you feel better soon because then there's hope for me!