Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My ears are still plugged and Parker is still crabby.

I kept him home today because I don't even know if it's safe to drive with my ears so plugged. I swear I can barely hear. Parker is glad to be home but super crabby. He just keeps arguing about everything. He was mad because I called the garbage truck a recycling truck. It was but I finally had to say it was just a garbage truck because he was so mad. Then he was mad because he couldn't find a picture he wanted and I said it might have gotten thrown away. He wanted to look in the trash for it but I said it got thrown away a long time ago. I said that the garbage truck probably took it away then. Then he was mad at the garbage truck and said he wanted to tip it over. I swear, anything I say to him today is an argument. Right now he's in his bed and won't come out even though I said he could come out of time out. Good thing I can't really hear the yelling, lol. Here's hoping this grouchy phase doesn't last too long.


kristi said...

TC called me a jackhead this morning. His two favorite words this week are jackass and jerkhead. So he combined the two! Isn't that special??

Hope your day gets better!

Bobbi said...

Too funny Kristi! I'm glad I'm not alone here with the difficult kids.

Anonymous said...

We're having some difficulties too. You're not alone! Hang in there!