Monday, October 6, 2008

A bug!

I think Parker had a tummy bug last night. He threw up quite a bit last night. Around 1 he went to sleep and slept the rest of the night without throwing up. He seems fine today. I slept on the recliner and had him sleep on the couch. I was just wondering, what do you guys do when your kids have a bug?

Where do they sleep?
Where do you sleep?
What do you feed them the next day?
Do you have any tricks or tips you use?

I always have my kids sleep near me when they are really sick. We went through 3 sets of sheets last night. I have piles of laundry today. Never let your kids get sick when you aren't caught up on the washing! Haha! I'm tired today, but I'm just happy that Parker is feeling better.

Oh, and on another note, I made homemade cinnamon rolls last night. Yes, last night. Photobucket They arn't perfect looking but they sure did taste good. I was going to make them for morning, but they took half the day. I made the dough in my breadmaker, which took forever. They were worth it though! (BTW, lol, Parker didn't have any)


Sandi said...

Yikes! Wash your hands a lot just in case it's a virus and not food poisoning. We've only had the stomach bug once and when our family had it, immediately after I put everyone on the BRAT diet (banannas, rice, applesauce, and toast). It's super calming to a tummy that doesn't want to cooperate. Good luck! I hate tummy bugs!

kristi said...

Mainly I give my kids crackers and sprite. Hope he feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope he's feeling all better! I hate it when Daniel gets sick. I have a hard time with puke. Ugh! He sleeps in his room, but I check on him because he'll throw up and then just move to a different part of his bed and go back to sleep. Poor guy. When I know he's sick, I make an emergency basket. I put two laundry baskets in the hallway (one inside the other), so I can take the bottom one and use it to bring soiled clothes and bedding down to the washer immediately. I also like to have paper towels, wipes, several plastic bags, towels, spare sheets and change of clothes stored in the basket and ready to use when needed because it really sucks to have to run around the house and look for things when he's in the middle of being sick or getting sick again.

I let Daniel have Pedialyte pops or small sips of water. Also pretzels when he's gone for a few hours without being sick. It's always tough because he'll ask for more and doesn't understand that he can't have it.

I also wash my hands as well as possible!! If I thought of it, I'd have antibacterial wash in the basket and I usually have some lysol for the doorknob. Yes, I go overboard. I avoid "The Bug" if I can!!

On that note-
Those cinnamon rolls look fantastic!!!

Maddy said...

Yes laundry and cookery is a way of life around here too. Hope Parker is on the mend soon and that your batteries get a quick boost too.

Marla said...

I hope Parker is doing better. When M is that sick it seems we don't sleep. m insists on sleeping in "her chair" and me on the couch. Argh. Not too comfy.

Betsy said...

Those rolls look wonderful!