Thursday, October 30, 2008

I saw this on Kristi's blog and wanted to do it myself. You know you all want to know more about me, lol.

10 years ago I...

was 22 years old

Had just given birth to Molly.

Was working at Bank of America.

5 things on my "to do list" today...


clean off table

call autism support lady

put out more candles, I just love them!

fill out some paperwork

5 snacks I like...

anything chocolate




granola bars

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...

I would pay off debt.

Help My family

Buy a house

not sure what else.

5 places I've lived...

Eureka, Ca
McKinleyville, Ca
Oroville, Ca
Redding, Ca
Prinville, Or

5 jobs that I have had...

Bank of America

College Library


Hospital billing dept.

At a gym as a babysitter

8 favorite TV shows I love to watch...
The Office

Project Runway
Despirate houswives of Orange county, Atlanta, etc.
Dirty Jobs
Jon and Kate plus 8
Still Standing
This old house

8 things I did yesterday...

got two kids ready for school

took those two kids to school

Cleaned house

went to a pumpkin carving contest

visited my sister

got some chairs from freecycle

went to the eye dr.

Picked out some new glasses.

8 favorite places to eat...


Los Causolus

China buffet

Toms Sourdough

Not sure what else. Small town around here.

8 things I'm looking forward to...

Picking up my glasses

Trick or treating tomorrow

Having everything packed up

Halloween party tomorrow


Molly starting her new school

Parker starting Kindergarten

Parker's 6th birthday in Jan.

8 things on my wish list...
new shoes (always on the list)

new purse (always on the list)

new clothes

to have all my christmas shopping done

video camera


a bike for me

seeds for my new garden

8 peeps I tag...
anyone who wants to do this. That might be 8 or more, right?

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