Thursday, October 16, 2008


Lately, with Parker being sick I've been dealing with puke, poop, snot and everything else. I think today might have topped all that.

This morning I cleaned the 2 litter boxes. I put the dirty litter in a garbage bag and left it on the porch. I was dying to wash my hands and I knew I would pick it up later. Somehow I knew it might come back to haunt me.

Flash forward to 4:00pm: Parker is whiney so I send him in the back yard to play. A few minutes later Molly and her friend go out too. A little later Molly comes in laughing hysterically and calling, "Mom Mom!" She walks in the living room and says, "Parker used the garbage bag of kitty litter for a bag on his ride in Jeep and it tore open and spilled all over him! Gross!!!!

He must have thought it was ok since a few weeks ago he used a black garbage bag full of empty cans to put on the back of his Jeep. He said he was a garbage man.

I ran out there and got him. I brought him in the house, changed him, wiped him down and washed his hands. He'll still need a bath tonight. Gross! Then I had to get all the litter off his toy jeep and wash it. Why!!!!!!!!!

Now that I think about it, it was pretty funny. What a nutty kid.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Some days are just like that, huh? Daniel's been having accidents these past 3 days....and Dixie has rolled in poop twice (some other animals), but she's stepped in her own more than once and brought it into the house. UGH!!! I sympathize with you!