Monday, March 31, 2008

Trying out a slideshow feature

This isn't very good. I'm just playing around with some old pictures.

Parker's many dump trucks

Bobby playing cards

Bobby playing cards

The video below

This is a silent video that I took of Parker today. I thought it would have sound but I guess my camera doesn't record sound. We were talking about all his toys. We showed his trucks on the floor, his videos on the couch and things like that. Oh well, I guess silent is better than nothing. Don't mind my messy livingroom.

Silent video of Parker and his things


We were late when I took Parker to preschool today. (His typical preschool) The kids were all sitting on the rug for circle time when we came in. Normally we get there early and he had time play first. Today he didn't and the teacher called him over to the rug. He didn't want to go at first, but then he went. She told him, "Cris cross apple sauce," and he crossed his legs and sat down. He did such a good job. I watched him for a while and he didn't get up or anything. I am so proud of my boy. He is doing so well. He's only been going to the preschool for like 4 weeks and it's only Mon-Tues. He just fits in so well. He is in there with younger kids, but it seems to work great for him. I was remembering last year when we were looking at schools for him. At first I was dead set against him going to a an autistic preschool. I thought it would be scary for him and hard. We checked out some typical preschools but his in home teacher kept pushing for the autistic preschool. I was so unsure. When I took him to the typical preschools he only wanted to look at their books. He also only wanted to find truck books. He wouldn't sit at circle time, he wouldn't do what I asked, he wouldn't do a craft, etc. They said that the autistic preschool would probably be better for him at first. When I met a child that came out of the autistic preschool I was amazed. I knew then and there that it was the preschool for him. This boy was almost unrecognizable as someone with autism. I'm sure he had many other symptoms, but in those few moments he seemed great. We got Parker into the autistic preschool last summer, Aba therapy, occupational therapy and speech since then. A few weeks ago he started a regular preschool 2 days a week and his autistic preschool 3 days a week. His teacher thought that him spending some time with typical kids would be good for him. I think it really has been good for him. He may get the same schedule next year. I'm so glad I went the way that I did with him. I could have tried the typical preschool first and failed. I'm so glad I had some people who knew what they were doing show me the way.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why do I even think about it for more than a minute.....

Why does what other people say really bother me? Why can't I just brush it off and know that it's someone else's opinion that hasn't walked in my shoes. I guess you aren't human if it doesn't bother you a little. I know that people like honest people, but some people need to know how to keep things to themselves. Today someone said to me that we totally spoil Parker. Hello, he has autism, we do what we do to get by. This is a very opinionated person, and she thinks she knows everything. So why do I let it bother me? That's the crazy part. Sure, he is spoiled, but that's because him being happy makes our lives easier. If he went around crying all day it would horrible. We do what works at the moment. We are trying new things with him all the time but with some things you just need to give in. He needs to know that he is safe with us and that we are there for him. Well, now I blogged about it and I feel better. I'm just going to let it go. This person always says something that offends me so I guess I just have to get used to it. Maybe I should start saying what I feel around her all the time. I bet that would be fun for everyone, lol. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Oh, I forgot to mention: Parker played with a little girl today. It was so cute. They were running around and giggling. She was about 3 and was really talkative. She told Parker how to play and he was all for it. It was adorable. It makes me happy that he likes being around other kids. I feel so blessed that he is so high functioning. I feel like he may make friends one day and be happy. That gives me so much hope.

We went to a wedding yesterday.

Yesterday we went to our cousin Melissa's wedding. I was nervous all day because I didn't know how Parker would react. I really wanted to go, but I know he doesn't like parties very well. From the moment we pulled into the driveway Parker was saying he wanted to go home. I could barely get him out of the van and into the grange. The lights were dimmed and there were candles lit everywhere. He wasn't too sure of all that. He kept thinking the Easter Bunny or Santa was going to pop out of no where. I kept explaining what a wedding was, getting out his books and giving him some snacks. He decided he didn't want any of it and we went outside for the ceremony. It was freezing out there and windy. He didn't like that either. He kept saying he didn't like windy, lol. Finally Bobby came out and said that he could hear us inside. He gave us the keys to the van and we sat in there until the ceremony was over. It was hard, but we got him back inside. They had a banquet room that had the food in it, all lit up. He liked that and could run around a little. We kind of went back and forth all night. When he would get upset we'd go back in the banquet room and let him play. He wouldn't eat any of the food they had there. I packed him a juice box and goldfish crackers. That's all he would eat. The one thing he did love was snuggling with family and dancing. He loved dancing! He danced with his sister and all the other little girls. It was so cute. There was a point where the mother of the groom and the groom danced, that made me a little sad. It made me think that I may never be in the place with Parker. He may never get married. I guess I have to let go of my dreams in that aspect because that may not be his dream. It's just a little thought I had that made me sad. The wedding was beautiful and I'm glad we stayed for a while. Molly had her cousin stay over and they were really good. I'll try and post some pics but I'm having a hard time uploading them for some reason.

Here is Molly, her 2 cousins and a friend.
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My computer keeps kicking imageshack offline so I'll have to try and post more later.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Found out what it was...

Hand, foot and mouth virus. Luckily it's in the stage that it's not contagious and it's going away. Poor guy. No wonder he's been cranky for while. He was just great at the dr. today though. He didn't cry and did every thing she asked. What a good boy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today's update...

Not a whole lot new going on here. Today I mentioned to Parker's teacher that Parker had a bunch of warts on one hand. She looked at them and didn't think they looked like warts. She had the school nurse look at them and she didn't know either. It could be little slivers from holding onto our fence last week, old chickenpox, or hand food and mouth virus. I don't know what it is but he has an appt. tomorrow morning with his Dr.. Last time Molly had a strange rash, they didn't know what it was. I hope they know this time. He seems perfectly fine aside from being tired. He's been yawning a lot. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Molly is staying the night with Nana tonight. She has been spoiling her all day. I was going to go to the mall with them but Molly wanted to hang out with Nana by herself. Nana felt bad for me but I didn't care. I like that she wanted to spend time with Nana. Honestly I wanted to look around the mall by myself. I got a wedding present for a family member, a new lunch pail for Parker and some perfume for me. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me. I have to get Parker to his Dr. appt. at 8:30, then bring him back to school and get to my appt. by 10:00. Then I have to pick Molly up and head home. At 3:00 Parker's aba person is coming and at 4:00 his occupational therapist is coming. After that, at 6:30, I go to the disability support group at my church. I'm bringing both kids so I hope they like it. They are mostly talking about IEP's and some of that is over my head. I hope it's in layman's terms. At least it won't be a boring day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yay! I have cable internet!

I have had dial-up for so long! I am so excited! I've been offline for a couple of days and it's been hard! I hope everyone had a great Easter! We had a really nice one. I'll post some pictures later, but I didn't get very good ones of Easter morning. I was too busy helping the kids and seeing what they got.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why is he always right!

Since we can't mow the lawn when Parker is home, I thought I'd do it myself while he was at school. I thought, this shouldn't be too hard. I noticed that the grass was damp but I thought it would still be fine. Bobby always complains about mowing when the grass is wet but I was sure I could do it with a little hard work. First off I tried to start the lawnmower. I knew how, but I couldn't find that little button to push a few times before you start it. I swear it must have taken me five minutes just to find it. The thing you pull is hard, but I got it after three tries! I was excited and felt very manly, lol. I mowed a little but had to keep stopping because the grass kept getting caught underneath. Then I mowed over one of Bobby's screwdrivers. I don't know why it was in the grass, but it has no handle now. Then I moved to the part of the grass that he didn't start on. The grass got caught right away and I had to restart it. This time it didn't start so easy. I mowed some more and it stopped again. After about 7 times I decided to quit. The grass just kept sticking to the bottom and making it shut off. The last time I pulled the string I hit myself in the chest with my own hand, boy did that hurt! I put the mower back and saw the weed eater. I remember Bobby saying he didn't think it had much string, but I thought I'd try it anyways. I got the long extension cord and had to untangle it. Then I plugged it in and proceeded to walk towards the garden with it. I was going to weed eat in there but the cord wouldn't reach. Then I decided just to weed eat around the edges of the fence. A few minutes later I only had a tiny piece of string left and no way to finish. Bummer. Finally, after wanting to get something done, I put away some things from the yard that needed to go in the garage. At least I finally accomplished something. Bobby might be mad at me later though, he hates it when I put more stuff in the garage, lol. So, to make a long story short, I need to listen to him more. Don't mow when it's wet, listen when he says the string might be too short and pick things up in the yard before you mow!

We've been putting our oragami to good use....

Image Hosted by
By mollyalexis at 2008-03-20

Doesn't Pepper look thrilled with her hat?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have never liked my name.

Here I am blogging, again. I couldn't think of anything and now I'm on a roll.
Today I was telling someone my name on the phone. She spelled it wrong and then asked me if it was short for anything. I hate that! My name is Bobbi, spelled with just an "I". There is no "E" or "Y" in it! I know it's not common, but that's how it is spelled. Now, is it short for anything? Unfortunately it is! Waaaa! Here it is.......
Bobbi Jo. See that! It's awful, it's hillbilly, it's old fashioned, it's after a girl on Petticoat junction! Well, it's after my Dad too, his name is Bob. I've always hated that my name was a boys name and it's hillbilly. I dropped the Jo after junior high. I should have done it sooner. My family still adds the Jo. I am unique for it though. My husbands name is Bobby, for those of you that don't know. It makes life interesting. Here is another weird part, his Dad's name was Robert, same as my Dads. Your thinking, no biggie, that's a common name. Well, then there is the fact that his Grandma's name is Roberta but she goes by Bobbie. Then there is his aunt who's name just happens to be Bobbi Jo. Will this never end, lol? So, as much as I dislike my name it fits my family. Does it fit me, I don't know.

I hope...

I hope I'm not the only blogger that has a hard time thinking what to blog about.

I have a hard time thinking about what was interesting or important about my day. Not much went on for me today. I'll run down what went on.

Took Molly to school and dropped Parker off at the bus.
Went to Safeway and bought cat food. (so exciting!)
Came home, cleaned and played on the computer.
Got a call from Molly at school that she wasn't feeling well (she wasn't feeling that bad).
Picked Molly up and came home to make lunch.
Went to town to take Mom to the store.
Went to Kmart, Dollar store, Target and Thrift store with Mom.
Got a leap pad and books for 2.99 at thrift store, score!
Came home and told Bobby goodbye. He went bowling.
Made dinner-french toast for Molly and I, chicken nuggets and fries for Parker.
That's about it so far.

So now, what do I have to blog about?

I'll blog about each thing I did.
Dropped kids off at school:
Molly was fine when I dropped her off. Parker was happy and ready to ride the bus. I read him 3 books before the bus got there. He wants me to read to him before the bus gets there. Heaven forbid the bus gets there before us or just as we pull up. I have to read 90 miles an hour so he can at least have one book before he gets on the bus.

Went to the store to get cat food::
Nothing much happened in the store. I was in line behind my soon to be niece-in-law but I don't think she knows me well enough to recognise me.

Came home, cleaned and played on the computer:
Pretty much self explanatory

Got call to pick Molly up at school:
She was hoarse, had a small cough, but was fine. She said she was tired and felt a little sick. I brought her home, made her a bed on the couch, and put on a movie. Pretty soon she felt better and said she was more tired than anything. Because she was better I decided to go with Mom to run errands. (and take Molly of course)

Made lunch for us: S.E..

Took Mom to the store:
She was cranky, boy was it fun. It was nice to look in the stores, but that's about it. Molly took back her Easter dress that didn't fit. We got the same size in another dress and it fit. Go figure. I'm glad it did though, one more size and she'll be in juniors. She picked out a white lacy looking dress. It's pretty but I'm sure she'll only wear it once or twice. She has the same hole in her lip as I do.

Came home and told Bobby goodbye:
We kissed for like an hour and then he left.
Yeah right, lol. No, it was more like, "You're going bowling now? What did you have for dinner? Do you need gas? Love you, bye. "

Made dinner for myself and the kids:
You may notice that Parker didn't have the same dinner we did. That is how it is most nights. I think with most kids with autism, they are generally picky eaters. The only time Parker eats what we are eating is if it's pizza, McDonald's or taco's. It's so frustrating to me. His eating habits are so bad. He eats like a bag of goldfish crackers a day. He would live off them if I let him. He'll only eat the rainbow ones. The yellow ones taste the same but he won't touch them anymore. I was talking to my Mom about his eating today. She asked me if I thought he needed a vitamin. I said I thought he did, but how will I get it in him. He won't eat gummy anything or take any medicine. Heck, the boy will only eat about 4 different kinds of candy! Feeding a child with autism is hard. Molly, on the other hand, is a good eater and likes many things. She is fun to take out to eat. She especially likes seafood and Chinese food.

Well, now you see that most of my days are pretty boring. Here's hoping tomorrow is more exciting, in a good way.

Wet Wednesday

It is really raining here today. Bummer. I'm staying in today and looking for work at home jobs. I found a site that is supposed to show you the scams, but who knows. I have tried and tried to think about my working outside the home and how it would work. I keep running into roadblocks when I think about it. How to not send Parker to daycare, how to have time with family, how to get to and from the job without spending too much on gas, etc. I just can't find the right solution yet. I know we are going to have to move to the city soon. Everything we do is there. We spend a lot of money and time going there each week. I said I would never live there again, but sometimes you just have to do what makes life easier. I get pretty bored here in this small town. There really isn't anything to do here. You have to drive 10-15 minutes just to get to a big grocery store. The store we usually shop at is in the city and that's a half hour away. I would love to just say, hey, I'm going to the store and have it only take 5 minutes to drive there. I'd like to move by this summer. I love summers here, but it would be a good time to move. I know I can still come back here all the time to visit. The other thing I'll miss here is the fact that most of my family lives over this way and that it just feels safer here. Oh well, I have to go with my gut and just do it. Bye bye country life, lol.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Frog hunting

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By mollyalexis, shot with FE210,X775 at 2008-03-18

Parker, Molly and I went outside to look for frogs today. We found a tiny one and a bigger one. Parker and I don't like touching them. We made Molly pick them up and hold them. Parker got really scared whenever she got the frogs near him. They were pretty cute. Molly stayed home today because she was pretty hoarse and because she just wanted to. She hardly ever gets to stay home so today was ok. We made a lot of origami crafts. My favorite thing we made was a little jumping frog. We gave them to Parker's class because they are learning about frogs right now. We can't work in the garden today. It's raining, it's pouring. I am really looking forward to summer. I hope everyone is having nice day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I found the coolest site today!

It's a site that shows you how to make oragami things. It shows it animated so it's really easy to make. You can stop it and go back if you miss something! I've made 2 boxes, a rabbit and a rocket. Bobby says I'm a dork, but it's fun. Make sure to click on the American Flag if it's not in English!

I am thankful for small things today....

-I'm thankful that Parker had a great day at school.
-I'm thankful for coffee.
-I'm thankful that we played in the back yard and had a good time.
-I'm thankful that it didn't rain today.
-I'm thankful that Molly and I are going to work in the garden today. (well, garden to be, actually)
-I'm thankful for my computer.
-I'm thankful for our good moods today.
-I'm thankful for the flowers that grow that you didn't plant.
I'm thankful for many other things, but I'm just talking about the small stuff today, not the big stuff.

Green frogs!

Today when I dropped Parker off at preschool, they were looking at frogs. They had a real frog in a cage and some plastic ones. All the kids got on their knees to look at it. Parker did too. It was so darn cute. The teachers was saying not to scare it and Parker said it too. He looked so happy with all those little kids. I could barely pry him away from the frog to get him to say goodbye to me. He didn't even care that I left. I'm so glad. This is only his second time at this preschool. It's a preschool with typical kids in it. He goes there on Mon and Tue now. He goes to his autistic preschool Wed-Fri. This morning Molly was hoarse and a little congested but she begged to go to school. They are having a St. Patrick's day party and she didn't want to miss it. I told her to call if she was feeling worse. After I dropped Parker off, I came home and cleaned both litter boxes! What fun! That's the part I hate about having cats. Of course they all line up at the door while I'm cleaning it too. They just can't wait to get in there. I'm glad the family doesn't line up by the door when I'm cleaning the bathroom, lol. It's Monday and I'm goofy. Oh and I saw two cute jokes on a website. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef! What do you call a cow with 2 legs? Lean beef!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big time scared!

Today Bobby was going to mow the lawn. I told Parker and he instantly started getting upset. Dh and Molly went out to mow it and Parker started plugging his ears right away. Then he started whining and crying. Loudly! I took him in our room which is far away from the back yard. It still wasn't helping. I took his fingers out of his ears so he could see that he could barely hear it and he screamed bloody murder. I turned my t.v. on loud. That still didn't help. He was crying and plugging his ears and freaking out. Everything I tried did not work. I finally had to ask Bobby if he could stop mowing the lawn. He was upset with me, but Parker was just too hysterical. Now he's going to have to mow when Parker isn't home. Just when he starts making progress and I start thinking he's improving so much, I see something that really stands out as being a part of his autism. I guess I just have to accept that his autism may get better but it's not going to go away. Hopefully some things improve with age. Oh well, there is my whine. Here are some of the pictures I couldn't post yesterday.

Here is a pic of the room we ate in.
Image Hosted by
By mollyalexis, shot with FE210,X775 at 2008-03-15

Here is my Mom sipping her coffee.
Image Hosted by
By mollyalexis, shot with FE210,X775 at 2008-03-15

Saturday, March 15, 2008

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Fun Saturday!

We all had a fun Saturday! Parker and Bobby went to see "Horton Hears a Who" with Parker's aba group. Bobby said he did good and only got antsy a few times. I guess it wasn't really his type of movie though. He didn't seem that interested. We rented "Bee Movie" last night and he really liked it. I think because it had a lot of cars and trucks in it.
Molly and I and the neighbor girl went to the hospitals, " Peter Cottontail" event. We had a lot of fun. I miss being a kid because it's not as fun for the adults, lol.
My Mom won an Easter basket raffel and gave it to the kids. They really liked it. Parker kept calling a lot of it his stuff. He was happy when we got home. He even asked where Dad was going and when he would be back. I'm so proud of him! Oh yeah, Molly won a chocolate bunny too!
It felt like a family thing because my mom, sister, neice, bil, other sister we don't speak of, lol, bil, and great nephew were there.

Here are some pictures from the party in random order, my mom, my neice the tooth fairy, Molly and her friend and one of me.

Shoot! My server is acting up. I'll have to post the pictures a little later.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Ramblings...

Today I am home again trying to save my voice. Parker didn't really want to go to school today. That made me sad. I guess he's going to be like other typical kids and sometimes not want to go to school. He knows that Mom is a sucker for him too. Even when he gets in trouble, he looks at me and says, "I need a kiss". He knows I'm a sucker for a kiss from him. What a turkey.
I'm watching one of my favorite movies while I'm vegging. I love the movie, "Somethings gotta give." It's funny and I like that it has a happy ending. I don't usually like romantic movies that much, but I like this one. I'm more of a funny movie kind of person. It's funny, I was telling my husband that I liked Keanu in this movie but I pronounced it wrong. It came out like, "Canoe." He thought I was so funny and had a good laugh at my expense.
We had to cancel our respite for today. Bummer. We don't have any plans and I'm still not that healthy. Every time I talk it makes me cough. We're going to rent, "Bee Movie" tonight and just hang out I think. Of course Bobby and I will play Rummy. I have to beat him a few more times. He wins most of the time and it just drives me crazy. He's got that great memory and can remember what cards I pick up. I get so mad at him. He's so smug about winning too.
Tomorrow Molly, the neighbor girl and I are going to the Peter Cottontail event that the hospital is putting on. It's to raise money for the children's wing. It's a really great Easter party with tons for the kids to do. I was going to have Bobby and Parker go, but Parker is scared of people in costumes. He was fine with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Elmo, just not Spider-man. He's kind of creepy looking anyways the way he slinks around. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear yet, but I'm going to be comfortable. Last year I dressed up and hated it. Most of the people were not even that dressed up. I think I'll just wear jeans, nice shoes and a nice shirt.
Also tomorrow Bobby and Parker are going to see, "Horton hears a Who" with his ABA group. They sometimes do things so we can all get together. I'm so bummed that I had something else to do. They rent out the whole movie so the kids can be themselves. If they want to make noise or walk around it's OK. I think the idea of being in a movie theatre with a bunch of kids with autism is a little unnerving for Bobby, but he seems game for it.
I've been reading other peoples blogs lately. I really find it interesting reading about their lives. I especially like reading blogs from people who have kids with special needs. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in the world. It's nice to have people to relate to. Even though Parker has autism, and it's hard, it's opened up a whole new world to me. Things have more meaning than they used to. Every little milestone is celebrated. I think all of us in the family are better for it. Parker is a great little guy and he has the greatest sister in the world. She just has the best heart. I could go on and on bragging about her. Well, thanks for listening to my ramble. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. I think mine will be nice! Here's hoping I get my voice back!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost my voice

I can barely get out a squeak. I got myself some Ben & Jerry's. I think that will help, lol. Parker keeps wanting me to read to him. He doesn't get that it hurts. I hate that I can't yell from another room now. I have to say, "psst, psst" and point, lol. Sometimes I even mime to Molly. I was showing her that she needed to get dressed. She thought it was hilarious and kept asking me to do it again. What a nut. Yesterday I kept Parker home from school. We both mostly just layed around all day. I made him a bed up on the couch and we lounged. We did have a little excitement though, he pooped on the bathroom floor. It was an accident, but boy it wasn't fun to clean up. I even had to give him a bath. Then later in the day he pooped 4 more times. Yikes! Where did it all come from. Anyways, I'm home alone now, not talking, eating ice cream and vegging. Ahhhh.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I love Molly's hamster

And its a good kind of love, lol! Sometimes I go into her room when she's not home and pick him up. (Fluffermuffin, that is) He is so sweet and cuddly! I don't even mind that blue shavings stick to his butt hairs. Did you know that you can now buy the color you want for hamster shavings. We've had pink and now blue. I think he likes the blue better. Molly knows how much I love her hamster. She likes to wrap him in a small blanket, with his head and front feet sticking out and bring him to me. She knows I can't help but smile when I see that sweet little face. We wrap him up sometimes when we hold him because he is always on the go. It's easier to hold him that way. It's also easier to kiss him that way. Yes, I kiss a pet hamster on the head. You just can't resist that little guy. Bobby and Parker don't see to feel the same way. Bobby calls him a rodent and Parker just pats him on the head, lol. Anyways, Molly and I share so many things in common, Fluffermuffin is one of our favorites!

Sick Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday and Parker and I are sick. We both have colds. I thought we just got over all that. He's laying in bed with a stuffy nose. Poor guy, he sounds so bad. I'm sitting here at the desk, whining. Wawawa! I guess we'll have to cancel respite on Friday. That's such a bummer. I better be well for the Peter Cottontail party on Sat. I'm going anyways. Molly is so excited to wear her beautiful blue Easter dress. She will look so pretty in it. I got crafty today, lol. I stenciled a cow on my garbage can, lol. It looks cute, don't laugh. I changed my web page around, which I guess you can tell. I like bright colors. I don't know if they all go, but oh well. In other news, Parker's fears have been really perking up. He has been extra sensitive to noise lately and doing a loud humming thing while plugging his ears when he hears something he doesn't like. On Monday we went to 2 different places and they both had something noisy there. The park had a lawnmower so we had to leave and the water front had some motorbike riders that made a loud noise. We had to leave there also. Poor Molly. It must be tough having to leave things because her brother is scared. Maybe he isn't even scared, maybe it hurts him to hear loud noises like I read. Who knows, but it's hard for both of them. Oh well, here's hoping it will get better as he gets older.

I am a cow collecter

Here are a couple pics of my cow kitchen. I mostly collect cows for my kitchen.
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By mollyalexis, shot with FE210,X775 at 2008-03-11

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Image Hosted by
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Do you think I have enough cow stuff? Nope, not yet.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I just have to admit this....

I love buying my kids things and making them happy! There, I said it. Today I spent 2.75 at a thrift store and was able to get Parker 5 books and a toy hellicopter, Molly a book and a stamp set, a Easter pen and some easter coloring kits. Just a few bucks and you should see the smiles on their faces. I know it's bad, but I like it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Do you think he has enough movies?

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We organized HIS movies and this is how many we found. We actually had to clear out a toy cupboard for all of them. He loves them so much though. They are mostly about vehicles.

It's Monday again...

Well, Thursday I got a my tooth pulled. I've been a huge weinie ever since. I was so afraid I was going to get dry socket or hurt it somehow. I think by now it's healing well, so I feel better. I am definately going to have to take better care of my teeth, I don't want that happening again. Yuck! It made for a sucky weekend. I did have fun at my sisters house though. She made dinner and our cousin and her new husband and baby were there. It was really nice to see her again. It's like she never changes. Not much else new here. Tomorrow night is my autism support group. I always look forward to that. Parker is happy and well again. Molly stayed up too late last night and is cranky. Oh well. That's about it. Everyone have a nice day.