Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Wednesday-update on everyone

I couldn't think of another title for this post, so Wednesday it is.

Not much going on at the moment. I've been feeling guilty about not blogging about Parker more, this is mostly his blog. What can I say about Parker lately:

He needs a haircut.
He needs to stop cussing to shock me. (Learned it off Backdraft)
Needs to quit saying weiner.
Has recently learned to kiss you on the lips.
Loves dvds more and more every day.
Is learning new things all the time.
Needs to learn not to touch strangers while talking, uggg...
He needs to run faster than his sister.
He needs to wipe his goldfish lips before he kisses Macey.
He needs to stay off the baby toys. A walker is not a truck to lay under and fix, lol.
He needs a new firefighter outfit. He is now using a coat as fire pants. It is so funny.
He is the light of my life and makes me happy every day!

Now, back to Macey, lol.
Since she is new, she is on my mind a lot. Plus, she is always with me.
She is getting so fun. I can hardly eat while holding her because she tries to grab eveything. She is learning to move in her walker and it is so cute. She loves getting her picture taken and looks surprized a lot. She is a super fun girl.

Molly, poor thing, will be last right now. She is doing good. She about died yesterday because Rue 21 had hightop converse type shoes for 3 dollars. She had money and got 2 pairs. She is gearing up for Eel Valley Idol. I have to find the right kareoke cd for the song she wants to sing. She begs every other day to stay at a friends or have a friend stay over. She is a really sweet thoughtful crafty girl. For my birthday she made me a garden and house out of paper from one of her craft books. It is so cute and even has a clothesline. I have to take a picture of it. She is one talented girl and I know she is going be such a creative successful adult.

Bobby, he is doing ok. Right now he is sleeping with the baby again. His work is talking layoffs again! Grrr! He did find a new side job though, so that is good. Too bad he only got to work that job once, it pays good. They are supposed to be calling him soon, after they fix the baler and get all the hay baled. He had a nice fathers day. We went to his grandparents and then to my sister in laws house for dinner. He is such a great guy! I am so lucky to have him.

Ok, on to me. Things are going pretty good. I've been working on making some crafts too sell. Too bad it also costs to buy the supplies. I'm just buying a little at a time. Enjoying the summer but also missing the quiet of school. I've been stressing about finances, but what can you do? I wish I had a lot to say about myself. I'm happy, love my kids and family, have a nice house, food on the table and a book in my hand.

By the way, I don't have a pic of Parker to post right now. I took some recently, but he's been looking at them on the computer and mixing the folders up. I'll look in one picture folder and find 2 other folders inside. Pics of Parker to come.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My snoozers

It's Friday again!

This has been a long week with my back hurting so bad. I think it's almost better. It still hurts today, but not like before. Macey has also been clinging and whiney. I wonder why? I can barely put her down. Parker is cheerful at least. Molly is at her cousins spending the night again. Right now Bobby is napping with the baby. Who knew I couldn't wait for him to get home so I could do housework. It's been killing me to not be able to do it all week. After I get off here I need to sweep and mop the floors, slowly though. Hmmm, maybe I better re-think that. I don't want to hurt my back again. Maybe I'll just fold some laundry for now. The dishes are all done now, so that's great. I think the litter box may be awaiting me though. Why can't those cats clean their own litter box?. Lol.

Today Macey is wearing her lady bug pjs. Parker calls it her bug suit. It cracks me up every time. He really thinks she is dressed like a ladybug for a reason.

My birthday is Monday. I think it will kind of be a bummer this year, but I'm not a kid anymore, so who cares. My sister is in the hospital right now recovering from surgery. Poor thing. I want to go visit her tonight. I hear she is feeling better and I'm so glad. Yesteday she was in a lot of pain. Poor thing.

Well, I guess this ends my Friday post. Like I said, Macey is snoozing with Bobby, Parker is with the respite worker and Molly is at a friends. It's finally quiet, lol.

Friday, June 11, 2010

How funny!

Oh my goodness, Macey just did the funniest thing. I put her on my bed with me so I could keep an eye on her and fold laundry. I put a warm towel on her and she really seemed to like it. I gave her some toys and went on with my folding. After a while she started getting cranky and kept dropping her toys. I decided to get Bobby's pillow and prop her up a little so she could play better. I moved the pillow and the end of it landed on her forhead. She instantly grabbed it, started sucking faster on her pacifier and started closing her eyes. She loved it! She got so relaxed. After a while I thought she might want to be propped up and I moved it and layed her head on it. She screamed like I took her bottle. I picked her up and she kept crying. I almost thought she was hurt. I layed her back down and put the pillow back on her forehead and she instantly stopped crying. I held her hand and her eyes started closing. I talked to her for a minute and she fell right to sleep. Now she is on my bed surrounded by folded laundry asleep. Who knew that was all it took. She sleeps with us and usually has a pillow above her head so she won't fall in any cracks. I guess that just comforted her. Too cute.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm sitting here at 10 pm typing this blog. Bobby is asleep in the chair with the baby, Parker is sleeping and Molly is at her cousins house. Peace and quiet! I got some time on the internet and I'm taking it. I've had some really nice days lately. The weather has been good and I've been working on the house and making more hair things. The kids are almost out of school. I don't know weather to be happy or dread it. I think it's a mixture of both.

I want to work with Parker this summer, having like a mini home school. I want to work on him learning his site words more and working on writing and safety. He's been demonstrating lately that safety is something we have to work on. Running in parking lots, touching strange dogs and even touching strange people, lol.

Bobby goes back to work on Monday. I'm happy and sad. I loved having him around but I know we need the money. Bummer part is he made a mistake on his unemployment and it's going to set us back. He checked that he was not looking for work and I guess they wanted him to check that he was looking for work. Why would he look for work when he was just laid off temporarilly. I guess he has a phone interview next week that will fix things. Phew.

Macey is growing like a weed and is so much fun. I love waking up to that adorable smile. I'd kind of like to wake up to it from across the room but we haven't gotten her out of our bed yet, lol. It's a work in progress.

Sigh..tomorrow is Sunday, another day with Bobby before he goes back to work. Oh well, I'll enjoy tomorrow.

Everyone have a nice weekend.