Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I flick kitty nipples...

Just kidding, lol. I have to tell you about a funny in the store with Molly today. We were walking down the pet food isle and I noticed a cat toy. It was called "kitty nip flickers". I told Molly because I thought it was a funny name. She said, "why would anyone want to flick cat nips?" Lol. She was joking but it cracked me up. That's when we started saying that each other flicked kitty nips. It was a weird round cat nip filled ring or something that cats are supposed to flick in the air. Too funny!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He's feeling a little better...

Poor guy, he's been so miserable lately. It's really been tearing my heart out. He felt a little better this afternoon. He got up, looked for movies and even thumped me a couple times and said, "Ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh". That's usually what he says when he's happy and karate chopping me. He fell asleep on the couch this afternoon and tonight. Looks like another fun night on the couch for us. Oh well, he's definitely worth it. I have this awful tickly cough. Parker hates it and keeps saying, "You're done". I have to repeat, "I'm done". He hates the ear drops and Tylenol suppositories he's had to have. He keeps saying, "medicine all gone". Please, any of you who read my blog and pray, pray that he'll eat ok when the time comes. He's so picky, I really worry about his eating. Sorry to sound like such a bummer, but it's been one bummer of a week already. The one good thing is that his ears look somewhat better and he didn't need a shot today. They want to check him again on Friday to see how it's doing. Bobby stayed home today so he could help me take Parker to the dr.. I really thought he would put up a fight but he just looked pitiful. While we were in there he kept saying, "you're not going to hurt me?". That just about broke my heart. Thank goodness they didn't give him a shot.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow, Parker has an ear infection.

He hasn't had one since he was 2. I bet that explains the extra noise sensitivities lately. Poor guy. They had to give him an antibiotic shot since he wouldn't take anything by mouth. He got so upset afterwards that he threw up in the room we were in. He wouldn't drink anything today earlier. He tried a drink of coke in the van but that made him puke also. Fun fun. They are worried about him not drinking so I've been pushing water. I think he's doing OK. The only bad thing is that he's lost 4 pounds in the last couple months. Anyways, he has to come back tomorrow to see if the antibiotics have started working. Pray he doesn't have to have another painful shot. I bet I'm going to have such a hard time getting him to the dr.'s tomorrow. I hope he doesn't puke there again.

What a night!

Wow, we had some night last night. The kids and I slept in the livingroom so I could keep an eye on Parker's fever. The cat found a moth and was up chasing it around and knocking things over. I had to get up at 1 and catch the stupid moth so the cat wouldn't wake everyone up. Then, since I have a bad cold, I woke Parker up with my snoring and it really scared him. He plugged his ears for about a half hour. We finally got him in his own bed, gave him a tylenol suppository and we all got about 5 hours sleep. He won't eat or drink anything. We have an appt. with the dr. today at one. I hope it's a quick passing thing. He won't take the chewables either. He won't eat anything new. Thanks though.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sick again!

Parker has just been home a week or longer with a bad cold. Just as I think he's getting better and I can send him to school, he gets a fever. To make matters worse he won't take medicine. I tried but he threw it up. Then he threw up again. Now I can't tell if he threw up from the medicine or if he's got the flu. He wouldn't eat much today and looked kind of down. I'm sure it's the flu but I'm taking him in to the dr. tomorrow to make sure. Please keep him in your prayers.

I had a nice visit with my sister yesterday.

I was really upset about Parker so I went to hang out with my sister. Her son has diabetes so she knows what it's like to have a child with a disability. It has to be so hard when it's a life threatening one. She worries about her son constantly and I don't blame her. She made me feel so much better. She reminded me that I needed to give my problems to God and not worry so much. That he would take care of everything in his time. I really needed to hear that. Today Parker is happy and playing with his monster trucks. I can't worry about what the day will bring today. I'm just going to have to enjoy it. God is in control.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two treehouses

Here are the little tree houses we went to at the drive through tree stop. They are really cute and they go upstairs.

2 tree houses

This is how Parker spent his time at "Touch a truck".


The whole 5 minutes we stayed there. It was at a really nice school with a baseball field and some nice playgrounds. The minute we got out of the van he plugged his ears with one finger and bent his shoulder to his ear to plug the other one. He got in 2 trucks but kept his ears like that. Molly was upset and I was disappointed for him. We drove 45 minutes just to go there. He kept whining that he wanted to go back to the van the whole time. We decided to leave and go to a neighboring town. That was nice and relaxing except for the wasp that flew into the ice cream parlor we were at. They are pretty hippy there and just said, "Oh, he's just flying around." Molly was freaking this time so we had to leave. Then we went to a cool shop they have there with toys and novelty things. We only stayed in there about 5 minutes because they were blowing up balloons and Parker didn't like it. After that we went into a toy store next door. Parker liked that and got a monster truck for all his suffering, lol. After that we did some touristy things like going to the drive through tree, avenue of the giants and to see a giant tree. It was warm and beautiful out. Even though I was sad about Parker not enjoying himself, we had a nice time. I hope this ear plugging thing doesn't continue forever. He just gets paralyzed with fear even before he hears any noise. Now we are home and getting ready to have pizza. What a nice day!

My favorite thing...

is hugging and loving on my kids.

It just makes my whole day when Parker lets me snuggle him. Molly puts up a fight now, but it's only for show. She loves to be cuddled. I always told her it made my heart grow bigger when I hugged her.

A post about Molly.....


M: Marvelous
O: Outgoing
L: Lovable
L: Loony
Y: Yell-er (Loves to yell, lol, couldn't think of anything for Y, but it fits)

She is 9, will be 10 in August. She loves to sing and perform. You can hear her the loudest in her class during plays or singalongs. She wants to either be a teacher or a singer some day. She is very dramatic. She loves animals. She loves her brother. I had to stop her giving him "piggy" rides because it was hurting her back. She is a very social girl and loves being with friends. She loves swimming. She loves drawing, painting, and crafts. She loves High School Musical and Hannah Montana. She is very smart. She has a great memory. She is very caring and thinks of others feelings. She can't stay away during a movie at home if she has a blanket. She loved "Bob the builder" when she was little. She loves to make you laugh. She has always wished she had brown hair instead of her beautiful blond hair. It's because we all have brown hair. She has big blue eyes. We all have brown or hazel. Bobby's are kind of hazel/blue. I love her so much. She is my sweetie pie and the best daughter ever!


I was really upset yesterday. I guess it's frustrating to be a Mom and not be able to comfort your child when they are scared. Not be able to fix it in any way except to take them away from what's scaring them. What do you do when it's next to your own backyard? I'm afraid he'll never want to play back there again. I hope this is just a phase and eventually he won't think they neighbors are going to mow everytime he is back there. I was so excited for him to have a sandbox. Bobby's been going to build one for a while. He hasn't had time so I thought I came up with a good idea. Now it may just sit in the yard unused. I guess I shouldn't be so negitive, I never know what tomorrow may bring. Maybe he'll get over it. Here's hoping!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I am so frustrated with Parker!!!!

The boy will just not listen to me when it comes to his fears! Yesterday, a man was mowing our neighbors yard. It really freaked Parker out to the point that Bobby had to take him for a drive until the man left. Today the man was back. We had just bought Parker a big plastic pool and some sand to make a sandbox. He was excited about playing in it until he saw the man again. We asked him if he was going to mow and he said he was going to weedeat the lawn. He wanted to know why we were asking and I told him about Parker and his new sandbox. (Parker is afraid of mechanical noises) He decided to wait to weedeat until tomorrow so Parker could play in his sandbox. That was so nice of him. I told Parker the man was going to leave and not mow but he won't believe me. He keeps plugging his ears with his fingers and he wont take them out. He won't even play in the sandbox now. It's so frustrating because his fear is so deep that he won't take my word for it. I don't know what to do with him. What can I do about this? He won't wear earphones. I'm just stumped.

Enough whining, we're off to the mall!

Parker and I are both sick with colds but that won't stop us. We are off to the mall in a minute.(Did I mention that the mall is Parker's favorite place in the world) Nothing makes you feel better than a little fun. I also promised him we would go to old town and look at boats. He just loves that! What I hate though, is dodging the homeless people. Why do they hang out by the cold bay? I don't think that's where I would want to hang out. Anyways, we are off. Everyone have a nice day and a nice weekend.

Poor me....booo hooo

No one wants to comment on my blog anymore.

Whine whine whine.

Oh well, at least it's Friday! Yay!

Soooo cute!

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crossing the midline.

I was looking on a site I get on frequently, and I came across this post. This is a problem that Parker is having as well. There was a quote on that post from someone very knowledgeable. It really sent a jolt to my heart. It said that it is a sign of a neurological problem. How is it that I always see Parker as just a typical child. I think I see him as a child that will just catch up. How come I don't see him as a child with neurological delays. It was really strange to think about that. I think sometimes I just see autism as a social kind of disorder. It really made me stop and think. Sometimes I think he just being stubborn with things but maybe it's really hard for him. We are going to have to work on games that include crossing the mid-line as much as we can. He hasn't picked which hand he will write with yet. His OT thinks it would be easier to just make him right handed. Other people think it will be better for him if we let him choose. I'm still up in the air about it.

What makes Parker unique....

I was thinking about how unique everyone is and it got me thinking about Parker's uniqueness.

He has a very large vehicle video collection.
He remembers trucks he's had from a long time ago. Watch it if you put one up.
He can withstand loud noises if it's something to do with trucks.
He doesn't like toothpaste on his toothbrush.
He likes his oreo's opened.
He only likes one type of pringles.
He has a love/hate relationship with Santa.
He has more than 2 whole bookshelves full of books, mostly about trucks.
He doesn't like people yelling at cats, lol.
He thinks couches were made for jumping off of.
He never met a bed he didn't like.
He doesn't mind getting into beds of other people.
He is more afraid of little dogs than big dogs.
He loves going to yard-sales but thinks they all contain truck movies or books and is very disappointed when they don't.
He mostly only likes to wear sweatpants.
He will do anything almost for a new truck.
He likes to let you hug him backwards.
His sister stresses him out with her dramatic-ness.
He likes to smell his food before he eats it.
He will only eat french fries at the zoo.
He has a large truck shirt collection.
He has a toy cafe in his room with a MacDonald's play set inside.
He has a large collection of blankets.
He hates drawing, coloring or cutting.
He has not decided which hand he prefers yet. He may be ambidextrous or maybe he just doesn't know yet.
He has come a long way since his autism diagnosis.
He is his Mommy's little angel!

What makes your child unique?

(I'll write about Molly next time.)


Me that is! My sweet little angel is cranky and bored. I let him watch monster truck videos on you-tube, but he thinks they should be endless and new all the time. Then I let him help me make fudge. He cried when I told him not to touch the pan because it was hot. He didn't want it to be hot. Then he got mad when he discovered it was fudge and not chocolate chip cookies. Then he wanted to help me wash dishes. He got mad because I wouldn't let him put his monster truck in to wash until the dishes were done. Then he accidentally dumped a glass of soapy water on the floor. He got upset and ran into the living room. He is cranky and it's been wearing on me. He's watching a fire truck video now and eating sausage. He is a happy boy for the moment. I'm trying to get this house cleaned why he is content. No wait, I'm on the computer, lol. Well, I'll get off here in a minute and clean it. He really needs to go to school tomorrow. I have my counseling appt., my Dr. appt., need to pay bills and then in the evening go to our disabilities group. Please pray he feels better tomorrow. Plus, he is driving me batty, lol!

Parker is home again....

He has been out of school all week with a bad cold. It's killing me, lol! He was off most of last week because of spring break, now he is home with a cold. He is going back tomorrow because he seems fine other than a runny nose. He has a little cough, but barely any. Tomorrow I have two appointments and I can't take him. One is to the Dr. to see what is going on with me. I hate going to the Dr..

This week I bought Parker a new pair of shoes. He swore they felt fine and they were the ones he wanted. I tried to put them on him at home and he says they hurt. I looked at them and the white part is all scuffed from him wearing them at the mall. I guess I can't take them back now. Yesterday I bought him a different pair of shoes, with a lower back and a smaller size. He likes them but won't try them on just yet. Everything with Parker takes time. He's very happy today. His "Cat in the hat" movie came in the mail today. He just loves that movie. I got the "Simpson's movie". That movies just cracks me up! I hope everyone has a nice day!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I had a rough morning....

I don't even know if I should be sharing this one here, but oh well. I'm blogging about my life so I might as well include it.

I woke up this morning with some bad t.o.m. issues. I went to ER this morning with my sister. They can't figure out what's wrong so I'll have to follow up with my dr. I feel really cruddy and have just been laying around today. Bobby is doing such a great job of handling everything. He is the best husband. Parker is still sick and whiny, so that makes things hard. I hope things clear up on their own in a few days. I've never had anything like this happen before. It was pretty scary.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What makes my sweet husband irritated at me?

I can list some of the things:

-letting the kids play on the bed
-letting the cats lay on our beds
-eating on the bed (see a pattern here)
-not putting the garbage bag on right
-spending too much money
-all the extras I have on the computer

There are more but that's all I can think of right now. He is a very sweet guy. The things that bug him are not many.

Here's what bugs me about him:

-doesn't wipe counters after doing dishes
-doesn't put the dishes away like I do (I don't complain to him, only in my head)
-takes up the coat rack with all his sweatshirts
-really rubs it in if he wins me at a game
-always beats me at checkers and I mean always
-puts Christmas dishtowels on the bar when it's not even Christmas

There are more, but not as many as most people have about their husbands. He is a great guy and usually always helps me and picks up after himself.
I was just thinking about all this today when I put garbage in the garbage can and the bag was sliding down. I know he'll complain so I better take the garbage out myself.

Anyone else want to add what bugs their husband or vice versa?

I think Parker is getting sick....

I can't tell if it's a cold or an allergy, but somethings brewing. He's not eating well, his nose is running and he is coughing from time to time. Poor guy. I thought cold season was over. I'm bummed because that may mean no respite tonight. I'll see how he feels this afternoon, but I don't think much will change. Tomorrow we were supposed to go to an autism meet-up. (I can't remember what it's called, I think it's families supporting families). It's going to be at our local skating rink. I don't really think that's a great place for kids with autism, but with the weather I think they had to pick something enclosed. Parker really doesn't like going there at all. People have birthday parties there a lot and he never wants to go in. I was going to at least try so I could connect with some of the parents. This summer when they had a meet up at the park, I couldn't really talk to many other parents. Parker would not leave the sandbox and most of the parents were sitting at the picnic tables. Bummer. Anyways, unless it rains Saturday and Bobby doesn't have to work, I'll be missing it. Oh well, I know they will have other get togethers. I really wanted respite tonight though, with Parker being out of school this week. Maybe she won't mind a little cold? I think she will. She has other kids to watch and can't afford to be sick. Here's hoping it's just an allergy.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

As you can tell....

I decided to tone down my blog a little. It was getting to bright and colorful for me. I liked it for a while, but I think this will be easier to stick with. If anyone wants to say hi and show that they stopped by, that would be great. I love seeing who checks out my blog. I hope everyone is having a great day. I think I may be coming down with something. It could just be allergies. I don't know, but my eyes, head and body aches. Here's hoping it's no big deal. Parker's been bored and full of energy today. I feel like I have no energy. This spring break is killing me, lol. Gotta go, Parker wants to watch monster trucks on you tube again.

I made another slideshow today.

This is a slide show with pictures mostly taken by my brother in-law Dave. He takes the best pictures!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tonight was a boring, nothing to do night. We sat around, watched t.v., watched you tube videos, and ate. Boring! Later, Molly and I were eating Cheerios's out of the box. (It was the end of the box, mind you.) We left the box on the coffee table and watched a couple you tube videos. Parker must have got bored of the videos because he sat down to play with some toys. All of a sudden I noticed that he had the Cheerios box. I thought, "Uh oh, he's going to spill them on the floor." Then I saw him reaching in the box and pulling some out. I got excited for a minute and thought maybe he was eating them. The boy who doesn't like new things was eating Cheerios's again! Wait! That's not what he was doing.....

Take a look at what I found....

Pepper with cheerios

Rats! I would have even let him eat them off the cat, lol! Molly and I just thought this was hilarious, as did Parker! Funny boy!


All that cleaning and the guy didn't leave the living room. I even cleaned my fridge, microwave and bathtub. Unfortunately or fortunately, Parker is doing too well to qualify for services. I'm happy and not. The money would have been nice but I am so happy for how far he's come. I wouldn't trade that for all the money in the world! Right now he is working with his aba people to poop on the potty. He sat on there for a long time today. I'm so proud of him. Usually it's like two seconds and he wants down. He also cut some strips of paper today. I'm so happy for him and proud!

Preparing for in home support services to evaluate us...

Should my house be spotless or should it be sloppy to show that I need help, lol. I'm not really sure what this appointment entails and what I should do. Oh well, I'm cleaning the house like a madwoman.


I've been thinking about going back to college next year. I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I want to do something. Thinking about college reminds me of someone I met in a psychology class when I was in college before. Bobby and I has just met and I was planning on being a alcohol/drug counselor. (Too depressing and too much college). To get to the point, there was a lady in class who had a child with autism. Back then I would think, how can she even smile or be happy when she has a child with autism at home. I imagined how hard it would be and that I didn't think I could ever manage that, let alone be happy about it. I remember how much she said she loved her son and I thought she must be making it up because it would be hard to love someone with autism. Now I was only 20 at the time, with no kids. How could I ever had of imagined what life would bring. And how could I have thought that a child of mine with autism would be hard to love. Parker is the easiest guy in the world to love. I loved him from the minute I saw him. He is my angel and the sweetest guy you would ever meet. I thought about that lady all the time when I was in college and listened to everything she said. For some reason I was so interested in what went on in her life. It's strange to think back on that. You know what else is weird, when I was pregnant with Parker I kept checking out books from the library about kids born with special needs. I guess with all the miscarriage's I had, I thought something might happen. Strange.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I want to whineeeeeeeeee!

I said I was going to try not to, but today feels right, lol. It's dreary out, everything is wet and I'm without chocolate. I'm also whining because Parker hates brushing his teeth and getting his hair combed. Every morning it's the same fight. He doesn't like the toothpaste, toothbursh or his hair being wet. You'd think he'd be used to it all by now.

On the funny side, I saw this today and it cracked me up!

Myspace Graphics

Monday, April 14, 2008

I really want this....

I love Kool-Aid pitchers! I bought a clear one on ebay a couple years ago. I think I still have a picture of Parker trying it out. I found one, yay!

Here is one from 2005.

It's Monday again....

First off I will post a picture of my cat Daisy. I didn't include her in the last batch of pictures and she was very angry, lol.


I had to touch her up a little as she wasn't looking her best today.

The kids are in school, the laundry is almost done and I'm wasting time on the computer. I made a list of things I've been putting off so now I want to do at least one of those. I hope everyone has a great day. Not much new to talk about today.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some pictures from a warm sunny day!

Today the weather is glorious! I'd say it's 70 degrees out today. This morning we went yard-saling with my mom. I didn't get anything, but the kids got a bunch of stuff they didn't need. I just couldn't find anything I wanted. Here are the pics from mine and Parker's time outside. (Molly is at the river with her friends family today)

I call this one, "A boy in the grass." Lol!
Boy in the grass

Here is Jack in the grass.

Here is Pepper outside.

Here is Parker, preparing to hear noise when I opened the door. He was afriad there would be lawnmower noises. (hence why our lawn looks like a jungle right now).

I feel like a bad cat Mom since I didn't include a picture of Daisy. I'll have to find one for the next post.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful sunny day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Be colorful!


My sleeping guy....

Sweet dreamsSleeping guy

Last night Molly tucked Parker in with a bunch of stuffed animals. He liked it and kept them on him all night. He looked so cute and peaceful when I checked on him. Molly is such a sweet sister, she is always doing nice things like that for him. She did it again tonight.
Today I cleaned like a mad woman. I've been lazy lately and needed to catch up. Yesterday I got a bunch of new cleaning supplies. It's silly but they make me happy. It's nice to clean when you have some new things to use. I also got some nice candles. I like the "Glade scented oil" candles. I wanted my house to smell and look nice. One other splurge was to buy some daffodils. They were on sale and looked really pretty. It's so nice to see them in my kitchen. I hope everyone had a nice day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My sister....

My sister Ronda is very special to me. She has always been there for me. She has even been like a mother to me when I was young. She is 12 years older than me but we have always been close. One of my favorite memories as a child was when I had the chicken pocks. Ronda wanted to make me feel better, she's just that way, and she gave my Cabbage patch doll a makeover. She was stained and her hair was messy. She cleaned her up to almost new, sewed up her foot, did her hair and made her and I matching dresses. It is such a sweet memory for me. I know that it made me so happy. She also made me the best Strawberry Shortcake Halloween costume. It had a hat and everything. I thought I had the best costume in the whole school. She has always done things like that for me. She was the first one to give me a baby present, the day I announced I was pregnant with Molly. She was the second person I called, my Mom being the first. She now is that way with my kids. She is always doing something sweet and special for them. She's made them blankets, Halloween costume's, taken them places, and even made Molly and her doll matching dresses like she did me. She means the world to me and I hope she knows it. It's funny, we have different Dad's but we look a lot alike. We also have a lot of the same interests. Our most important things in life besides God and our husbands are our children. Family is most important to us. As an adult, we are not only sisters, but friends. Her kids, husband and step kids also mean the world to me. They are all smart, sweet and caring. Tonight as I think about her and her family, I feel very blessed.

2 funny things......

One funny thing happened yesterday. I went through the car wash. As soon as I got through I remembered my "autism awareness" magnet that I ordered off the Internet. I had a feeling it might have fell off. I stopped just past the blow drier and parked the van. I saw that no one was coming so I walked in the dripping car wash to find my magnet. As soon as I stepped in the dryers started going. It freaked me out and I ran back. What a dork. I asked the manager if he could look for it for me later. I checked back today and he found it for me. I was so happy. The second thing happened when I picked Parker up from head start. When I walked in Parker kept pointing to something and saying, "What's that?". I didn't know what he was talking about until his aid informed me. He was asking that about a really tall guy picking up his child. I guess for the last 5 minutes he had been pointing and asking loudly what that guy was. It was funny and embarrassing. I quietly said, "it's a guy" and he repeated, "It's a guy". What a nut. I've had a long day today. Shopping, taking Parker to the mall and then visiting my niece that just had her baby. Parker had a great time at the mall. We did Parker things. We went to the arcade, the toy store, the book store and to the playground. I'm beat!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I almost cried today.

We had a meeting with Parker's head start teacher today, to decide about next year. Parker also goes to an autistic preschool. I learned today that Parker is doing so good that his academics are way above the other kids at head start. Granted, he are older, but he does have autism. I was so proud of him! They said he was making all his goals, making friends and listening well. He answers questions at circle time and is just doing great. They said they wish they could keep him for another year. Unfortunately he is older than the kids in his head start class so he'll have to go to a different head start next year. Everyone just had such great things to say about him. They said he picks things up fast and is adapting so well. For some reason, as happy and proud as I was, I felt sad. I can't really explain it. I guess I feel weird when things are going too well. Or maybe I know that grade school might not go as well for him. I really don't know what it was.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I live in fear, I have a stalker...

He is 5, and he waits until I am kneeling down on the floor. Once I'm on the floor picking something up, resting or bending over, he will pounce. He will pounce and land on my back, stand on the backs of my legs or jump on me. He even gets a running start and bounces a few times. If he wasn't 68 pounds it wouldn't be bad, but he is getting heavy. When I'm laying on my bed, couch or floor and I see him coming, I have to get up fast. He will be knocking the wind out of me before I know it. I laugh about this now, but soon it will be really painful. It's just so funny how he stalks me or Molly. His absolute favorite victim is Molly. She just loves it though. Today I was sitting at the table wondering why my back hurt. Then I remembered, Parker plopped down on my back and bounced when I was on the floor putting his movies away. Time to find a new game. Oh, and we taught Parker something new, we are just so proud. When we point at one of the cats, and ask him what we are pointing at, he now says, "It's a stupid cat". He learned it mostly from Bobby. We are so proud, lol.

Sorry about the big pictures....

Photobucket has some cool things you can use to edit your pictures. I was just playing around with it.

I was playing around with this picture of Molly.

My sweetie pie

My sweet boy today. He looks like he's in a trance because he's watching t.v..
Fluffy, the cutest, sweetest hamster in the world!

Our sweet, adorable hamster! I just love him!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tomorrow I will start flylady again.....

(Flylady, a website dedicated to cleaning your house and organizing it. Www. I think.

The first step is to take everything out of your sink and shine it. I will do that first thing in the morning. The next step is to make sure you get dressed and put on tennis shoes every morning when your ready to clean. I do that already because I wear tennis shoes almost every day, aside from my red Mary Jane type shoes. The next step is to make your bed every morning. I do that almost every morning, but not always. That is something I will start again. So, for now those are my steps. It helps me to stay focused if I post it. Then it's like I've said it out loud and I have to stick to it. Flylady works in baby-steps. These 3 are not hard, Monday I'll start another step. (even though you are supposed to work on each step a while before starting on the next one)


Boy, was that yardsale tiring. I don't think it was worth the 35 dollars we made. My back, feet and legs are hurting now. I don't feel like I can move an inch. Our yardsale didn't look very good today. I was mowing the lawn on Friday when our lawnmower ran out of grass. I only got one half of our yard mowed. It looked very white trash, lol. Then, later, it started to rain and I had to hustle and cover everything up. Whine whine whine. Parker was a pill today too. He kept getting into everything and coming outside without shoes on. In fact, we can't find his shoes. I don't know if he lost them in the grass or put them in one of his toys. We've looked everytwhere for them. Last night Bobby and I fell asleep on the couches. We didn't wake up until 2am and then had to go to bed. That really sucked. We were tired this morning. I'm so glad Bobby is home now. He is such a big help. He is a great husband. He is going to put the yardsale stuff way for me. I don't think I could move that much. Now dinner is cooking, the kids are busy and I'm happy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Why is he plugging his ears on the bus now?

I'm wondering if the bus is too loud for him. The driver asked him if he wanted the radio off, and that didn't help. I'm not sure what is going on with him. I talked to his teacher and we might send a comfort item with him for the bus. I feel bad that the poor guy has to plug his ears for 15 minutes. I'm supposed to have a yard sale tomorrow. That means I have to mow the lawn, lug out a ton of stuff and go through stuff in the house. I don't know if I'm up for that. The weather tomorrow is iffy also. I might have to re-think that one.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I found this cool art pad site today...

I drew a picture for it. I hope it works. It's really fun. Check it out! Bummer, after I posted this it didn't work. Oh well, it's a link to the site.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Service dogs for kids with autism
Thanks Ronda

Ok, a happy post!

I'm going to quit complaining today! Today is going to be a great day. I am going to try and not complain about anything or be negative today. Life is good. The kids are at school. The house is fairly clean. I have on my favorite shirt. The kids were very happy this morning. I got them a bag of action figures/vehicles/happy meal toys at a thrift store yesterday. Yes, this is stuff I normally throw out, but Parker saw the bag and had to have it. I knew that it would keep both kids entertained, playing together, and happy for a while. They both dug into and found things they liked. This morning we were almost late because I couldn't get them to stop playing with the stuff. It makes me so happy because they are interacting and really enjoying each others company. I'm glad I got it for them. Everyone have a great day! (Ronda, keep a hold of your wolf today, lol)

Frustrated with his eating....

I am so frustrated with Parker's eating habits. It makes it really hard on all of us. He only has about 15 foods he likes and it's hit and miss with them. Right now he eats about a bag of goldfish crackers a day. (Only the rainbow ones will do) I have a hard time getting him to eat anything else but sausage, chicken bites or taco meat and shredded cheese. He would live on that diet if I let him. He won't eat any vegetable. The only fruits he will eat, off and on, are strawberries, banana's and apples. He won't take a vitamin. He won't take any medicine, I have to put it in his drink. It's hard. We plan our meal and then try and figure out what to feed him. We are working with his OT to try and help him but it's a slow process. The good thing is that he will put foods up to his mouth or smell them. Some people with autism won't even do that. He smells everything he eats. He is very stuck on certain brands of things. We are working to change that. We are slowly adding something of a different brand, etc. I hope that as he ages his eating improves. Some things he ate when he was 2, he won't eat anymore. He just looks at things and says he doesn't want to eat them. He also goes through phases with what he will eat. For a while he wanted Chicken Top Ramon soup every day, sometimes twice a day. Now he won't touch the stuff. Packing a lunch for school is really hard. There isn't much I can pack him that he likes. The only day he really eats is when we send him taco meet and shredded cheese. The other days I send him salami and cheese or chili. Half of the time he won't eat anything in his lunch. I'd love for him to eat a hot lunch but I think it will be a while before that happens. Well, I just had to vent a little. People think it's so easy to just make him eat something but that is not true at all. He will puke, cry, throw a fit and just plain refuse to eat anything. I do not want to get into that battle. Anyways, that's enough of my bellyaching for the day. Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm cranky today.

For some reason I feel cranky today. I'm tired, irritated with driving, and just plain blah. I drove all over today and I am sick of driving! I drove to the college town near by and wanted to run over a ton of people, lol. There are lots of one way streets and people walking everywhere. Grrrr! My Mom was cranky today too and being a backseat driver. She makes me nervous when I drive and watches my every move like a hawk. Grrrr! Now I'm home and I have a ton of laundry to do. I just want to take a bath and go to bed. It's not bedtime yet so I'll just have to tough it out. - Glitter Graphics

Yikes! I'm pregnant!

I cannot believe it! I was taking a test this morning because I felt sick and the positive sign popped up! I am just freaking out! Bobby is not too happy. Ok, now I'm scared! Look down at the bottom of this post to see my due date......

APRIL FOOLS! Do you guys think I'm crazy!