Monday, July 18, 2011


Right now I'm sitting on the bed typing while Macey is playing with a box of barettes. She loves taking things out and then putting them in.

Things have been pretty good lately. Well, except for the weather which is muggy and dreary, even rain.

Parker had a great time in summer school. It was only a month long but he loved it. He was sad it was over. The teachers there were so nice to him. Right now he is wishing school was in sesson. He doesn't like spending the day with Macey. We've been doing our best and he is mostly happy though.

Molly is doing good. She is being a pre-teen, lol. Next month she will be a teen. She has been such a big help to me. Plus she is good company. I'm so glad I have her around. It's been less and less lately. She is getting to the age where friends come first.

Macey is a doll but a fiesty one. She is very smart and very busy. She keeps me hopping. I just love dressing her and teaching her new things. She says Mommy now to get my attention and it's adorable. I am afraid for the terrible 2s, especially since it's already happening.

This post may be messed up since I'm trying to type near a toddler.

Bobby and I are doing good. We both just had birthdays.

My Mom is staying at my sisters right now and is really happy. She is so wonderful to her. Mom is walking well with her walker and will be going home soon. I'm so happy for her.