Thursday, October 30, 2008

I saw this on Kristi's blog and wanted to do it myself. You know you all want to know more about me, lol.

10 years ago I...

was 22 years old

Had just given birth to Molly.

Was working at Bank of America.

5 things on my "to do list" today...


clean off table

call autism support lady

put out more candles, I just love them!

fill out some paperwork

5 snacks I like...

anything chocolate




granola bars

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...

I would pay off debt.

Help My family

Buy a house

not sure what else.

5 places I've lived...

Eureka, Ca
McKinleyville, Ca
Oroville, Ca
Redding, Ca
Prinville, Or

5 jobs that I have had...

Bank of America

College Library


Hospital billing dept.

At a gym as a babysitter

8 favorite TV shows I love to watch...
The Office

Project Runway
Despirate houswives of Orange county, Atlanta, etc.
Dirty Jobs
Jon and Kate plus 8
Still Standing
This old house

8 things I did yesterday...

got two kids ready for school

took those two kids to school

Cleaned house

went to a pumpkin carving contest

visited my sister

got some chairs from freecycle

went to the eye dr.

Picked out some new glasses.

8 favorite places to eat...


Los Causolus

China buffet

Toms Sourdough

Not sure what else. Small town around here.

8 things I'm looking forward to...

Picking up my glasses

Trick or treating tomorrow

Having everything packed up

Halloween party tomorrow


Molly starting her new school

Parker starting Kindergarten

Parker's 6th birthday in Jan.

8 things on my wish list...
new shoes (always on the list)

new purse (always on the list)

new clothes

to have all my christmas shopping done

video camera


a bike for me

seeds for my new garden

8 peeps I tag...
anyone who wants to do this. That might be 8 or more, right?

Nice time

Last night we all had a blast at the pumpkin carving contest. Molly won 1st in her age group and Parker won 2nd. She got a 25 dollar gift certificate to a pizza parlor and he got a 20 dollar one. They were both really happy! This was put on by our town. It was so nice, they had treats, apple cider, popcorn and a jumpy house. Parker didn't want to leave the bounce house but he was very good at getting out and wating his turn. The fire cheif was there overseeing the party. He let Parker sit in his truck and turn off the spotlight. Parker was so happy! Afterwards they all got balloons and got a card for a free ice cream at the towns store. I am going to miss this town. They have so many good things for kids. Tomorrow there will be a school Halloween parade. They go through the shopping center and businesses trick or treating and then go back to the school for a party. Parker and I will walk with Mollys class. I hope he doesn't get scared like the year before.

I also wanted to tell you about my joke that flopped at the grocery store this morning. I was buying hashbrowns, english muffins, eggs, and catfood. I thought the cat food looked a little out of place with all the breakfast stuff. As the cashier was totaling it up I said, "We like our eggs a little crunchy" while pointing at the cat food. She gave a little snicker but that was it. I bombed! Oh well, maybe you guys think it's funny. Here are a couple pics from last night. Notice the shirt Parker is wearing, it says, "My sister is a witch" and it has a little picture of a witch on it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nice day

Today was really nice so far. I took the kids to school and then went to pick up something on freecycle. Afterwards I went to the eye Dr. and picked out new glasses. They are very different from what I usually get and I love them! I can't wait until they are finished! Afterwards I went to my sisters house and visited with her and her goofy husband for a while. She made me lunch and I was in heaven petting all her dogs. They are so sweet, they make me want one. I'm home now, on the computer when I should be cleaning. Here's hoping Parker is in a good mood today and that he ate his lunch. He hasn't been wanting to eat at school for a while. Then he comes home starving and demanding taco meat. Oh well, I'll think positive. Tonight the kids and I are going to a pumpkin carving contest. Molly is entering one and Parker might enter one too. I bet it will be fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parker has been having a lot of behaviours lately.

I've been really having a hard time with him lately. He's been arguing a lot and asking the same question over and over. He's also been yelling and not coming with us when we want him to. Today he went in his room and screamed because we couldn't make the helicopters pick up logs like he wanted them to. He doesn't understand about things we can't control and he gets really upset about it. He just won't let up and keeps saying things like, "Where's the helicopter, can you make it pick up a log?" We went to look at the house we are moving to and he got pretty upset there. I'm thinking that this move is going to be pretty hard on him and hard on us because of it. Here's hoping his new attitude is a temporary thing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

We had a lot of excitement around here tonight..

More excitement than I really wanted.....

Molly and I were carving our pumpkins and Bobby was cooking dinner. We wanted a quick dinner so we were having pizza rolls and french fries. Bobby put the pizza rolls in the oven and was deep fat frying the french fries. He noticed the oven was smoking a little and pointed it out. He knew it was from when I made bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. The bacon grease dripped off the cookie sheet and onto the bottom of the oven and I forgot about it. The smoke kept getting a little bit worse. Finally it was so bad we had to go outside. I had Bobby get Parker out of the living room (there was no smoke in there)and outside. After we were all outside he opened the oven and it was on fire. I told him to get the baking soda but it was too smokey to find it. He came outside with us and we had to call 911. Soon 2 firetrucks and the Fire Chiefs truck showed up. The fire chief came in first with his extinguisher. He opened the oven but I guess the fire had gone out when Bobby shut the door. It was still super smokey so they set up fans. In the mean time the fireman had came in and even hooked up the fire hose. All that for a simple oven fire. Parker was in heaven checking out the fire trucks and fire fighters. I felt pretty stupid because all the neighbors were watching and the road was even blocked off. After all the drama, the firefighter gave us the all clear. What a night. Here are a couple of pictures of our night. The firefighter came out with the pan of pizza rolls near the end and said, "Here's your dinner". It was really cute. You notice they look like coal!

What a great sentance/observation!

Yesterday Parker was crabby at McDonald's. Nothing would make him happy and he was not going to eat! He wanted a truck toy and all they had were cars. He wanted to play but he had to wait for everyone else to eat since he didn't want to. Molly went and got us all ketchup, but didn't get any for Parker for some reason. Probably because she knows he never eats it anymore. McDonald's used to be his favorite place to eat. We were waiting for our food and Parker was getting really crabby. He looked at the ketchup's and all of a sudden he said, "You have ketchup and you and you, where's mine?!" Grouchy or not, that was an awesome sentence/observation! He hardly ever says things like that! He even did the "I don't know" gesture. I was really impressed and so proud of him! I gave him my ketchup and either he accidentally did it or because he was mad, he squeezed it on the table. Dh wasn't very happy with him and I could tell he was getting stressed out. I just told him that we have to stay calm for Parker because he wants to get a rise out of us. Dh would rather us all go home when Parker is throwing a fit or something but we have to work these things out. He needs to know that it's not ok and that we can deal with it. Right now, we see that McDonald's makes him grouchy, so we might try somewhere else for a while, with McDonald's just being now and then.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free stuff, garbage dump, trick or treating and earthquakes!

First off, let me just say that yesterday was awesome! We had the best day!

First the kids and I had to pick up a free closet organizer from a lady. She posted it on freecycyle and she was the one that gave me the comforter before. It turned out to be big and awesome and I'm going to use it for a dresser.

Then we went to the mall at the next town over with my Mom and had lunch. It was nice but Parker was a little crabby. He was really wanting to play video games at the arcade.

Then we went to pick up a bike for Molly I found on Craigslist. I had to pick it up at the Garbage dump because that's where the guy worked. He had it in his vehicle. I asked him if they ever arrange tours for kids. I knew that Parker would be cranky if he didn't get to look around. He loves the dump! He said yes and even gave the kids brand new hats to wear! Parker got to get up close to the loader and watch it scoop garbage. He was in pure heaven! The guy was super nice and the bike was great! Molly is in heaven with it! There are just so many nice people out there. He was going to bring it to us if we couldn't come get it.

Then we went to old town, to look at the boats and look around. When we got there we saw signs that there was trick or treating going on at 2. I went into the toy store and got the kids something to wear so they could trick or treat. It was so fun and Parker did great. Normally he is really scared of people dressed up, but he is getting used to it now. He had a great time and really liked the guy dressed like a scarecrow and the girl dressed like Pooh. We went around to tons of stores and they both had a bag full of candy. In one store they gave them a bag of birdseed to feed the pigeons. There is a ton of them at the gazebo. The kids had a great time feeding them. Funny thing about Parker, he doesn't like candy much. He just liked going from store to store. In one store he got a tiny truck, so he loved that.

By the time we got home we were pooped. My sister came over and brought us the closet organizer since I couldn't bring that and the bike in my Jeep. We had a nice visit and then Molly decided to spend the night with her. We rented Elf for Parker and watched that with him.

After that we went to bed. Around 2pm we had a nice sized earthquake and then another one right after. I yelled to Bobby to go get Parker, I kind of panic. Parker woke up and said, "Daddy". Bobby checked on him and sat with him for a while. He went back to sleep but I was kind of scared. I, a grownup, had to call my Mom. She was up and had felt it too. Those kind of make me shaky for a while. I guess we even had one this morning. I hope we don't have anymore today. Yikes!

Later we are going to the pumpkin patch with my sister and her family.

Here are some pic from yesterday. The pics are of the kids in their hats, their trick or treating and a cute one of Parker at the gazebo.

Thanks if you made it this far!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I need to do some catching up....

I've been pretty busy the last couple of days. Yesterday we had Parker's IEP but really it was just a discussion IEP, we didn't make any changes. The idea is to have another one in December, once we are in the schools district. Sounds like Parker may visit the class for a while, and then join in a little, and then maybe go half the day. We are not even sure if he will join in full time or not. We just have to see how he will do. Here are a couple pics I took recently. The first one is Parker holding a basket of leaves we collected in town. Next is a pretty picture of the town. Don't you love all the fall colors. After that is Parker, I had to gently hold his face to get a picture of all that cuteness actually looking at the camera. After that is Parker holding the leaves in the basket and reading his magazines he got in the mail. He insisted on holding the leaves. Then there is a picture of Parker on the lawn of an Inn in town. It has such a beautiful yard!

Oh wait, I have a couple more. I don't know why, but I was in the picture taking mood. I took a self portrait of me for some reason. I'm wearing my old glasses that I hate and my eyes are half closed. I can never get a good pic of myself either, so this is the best it's going to get. I also took a pic of my bathroom counter. Just playing around.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yay! He's cheery again!

All it took was some snuggling, holding him, reading a book and watching a favorite movie. At the moment he is watching Ace Ventura. I know, good movie for a 5 year old, lol. He thinks it's just so funny. We are going on a walk soon to collect leaves. I think it will perk both of us up. He says he wants to feed the ducks near by also, so we'll do that too.

I've been daydreaming about moving lately. I've been reading blogs from people who live on farms or in the country and drooling! I know I won't technically be in the country, but sort of. I mean there are ducks, chickens, and a horse next door. I so hope my landlord will let us have chickens. I used to have chickens and I loved them. I just love watching them walk around and peck the ground. We also have a garden and some fruit trees. That's country enough for me! I'm going to haul out some overalls, lol. (Kidding, kidding) Now, I've never grown a garden before, so this should be a new experience. I guess the owner rototills one for you every year. There are also some pretty sunflowers growing all around! I am just in heaven!

I was asking the owner about me putting some high up locks on the doors for Parker and he said yes to that and that he would build a fence for the back. That was so so nice of him! Only about a month to go! We are kind of hoping to move over Thanksgiving break! If not it will be Dec. 1st! Yay!

My ears are still plugged and Parker is still crabby.

I kept him home today because I don't even know if it's safe to drive with my ears so plugged. I swear I can barely hear. Parker is glad to be home but super crabby. He just keeps arguing about everything. He was mad because I called the garbage truck a recycling truck. It was but I finally had to say it was just a garbage truck because he was so mad. Then he was mad because he couldn't find a picture he wanted and I said it might have gotten thrown away. He wanted to look in the trash for it but I said it got thrown away a long time ago. I said that the garbage truck probably took it away then. Then he was mad at the garbage truck and said he wanted to tip it over. I swear, anything I say to him today is an argument. Right now he's in his bed and won't come out even though I said he could come out of time out. Good thing I can't really hear the yelling, lol. Here's hoping this grouchy phase doesn't last too long.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My poor buddy...

His favorite movie is breaking. It's an old VHS movie and it is really scratchy and you can barely hear some of it. He loves it so much that he keeps wanting to watch it anyways. It's called, "Muppet's on wheels". It has really catchy songs in it. Anyways, he's getting kind of frustrated and gets mad when I say it's breaking. I found a couple on eBay but I'll have to wait a while.

His nose is still running. When is it going to quit. He's pretty grouchy too. I hope that doesn't mean his ears or something.

I got a lot of housework done today. I'm proud of myself for that. Now I need to go work on some laundry. I hope everyone had a nice day.

What? I can't hear you!

That's what I've been saying all weekend, and today especially. Today both of my ears are plugged, this weekend it was only the one. I've chewed gum, and taken a decongestant. Now I can only sit and wait. I have a couple important phone calls to make but I can't make them until my ears unplug. I hope it happens fast.

Parker cried when I left him at school today, my poor baby. I felt really bad for him and wanted to take him home. I didn't tell him that of course. I hope it's just because he's not 100 percent better yet.

I have his IEP meeting this week, but he won't be starting Kindergarten until Dec 1st.

Lots of changes are happening and I hope they don't happen to fast for Parker.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Molly set the table for our anniversary dinner. That was so sweet of her. She also made me an apron and gave Bobby a dollar.

Here are the anniversary cupcakes I made for us. (haha)

Here is Molly being goofy at the dinner table

Check out Parker wearing his batman costume! Isn't he just so muscular!

Sorry about the words coming out weird, I'm playing around with a new way to upload pics onto my blog! This might make it was easier. Yesterday was a nice day even though we stayed home. We had a nice dinner and just relaxed. Today Molly and I went to a baby shower for a friend. It was really fun and we had great food and a nice visit. The house is clean, our tummies are full and things are good.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

11th Wedding anniversary!

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long. Bobby is working and I'm having a yard sale. Oh well, last night we went out and it was fun. No matter what we do together, we usually have fun. Today I'm going to make a nice dinner and some Halloween cupcakes. Maybe we'll eat by candle light or something. I'm so lucky to have married to sweetest, most considerate, friendly, loving, handiest guy in the world to me! I can't wait for it to be 20 years! (Well, I don't want to hurry to fast, I don't really want to be 40 just yet!)

As for the yard sale, it was a dud! We actually didn't put that much stuff out. We did it in the front yard and I didn't want to drag everything around from the back. I kind of want to just put free on everything. I am so ready to be rid of all this extra stuff!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Paid the deposit on the house....

So I guess we are moving for real. We are moving around Dec 1st. I'm excited but a little nervous. I might have a small yard sale tomorrow to kind of get ready for the move. I have a ton of stuff to get rid of. I so hope the move goes smoothly for the kids. I'm nervous about how Parker will do especially. I hope he gets used to all the animal noises and such soon. It's very country like out there. Parker is finally feeling better it seems but he's been kind of grouchy lately. Hopefully it's just a phase.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Lately, with Parker being sick I've been dealing with puke, poop, snot and everything else. I think today might have topped all that.

This morning I cleaned the 2 litter boxes. I put the dirty litter in a garbage bag and left it on the porch. I was dying to wash my hands and I knew I would pick it up later. Somehow I knew it might come back to haunt me.

Flash forward to 4:00pm: Parker is whiney so I send him in the back yard to play. A few minutes later Molly and her friend go out too. A little later Molly comes in laughing hysterically and calling, "Mom Mom!" She walks in the living room and says, "Parker used the garbage bag of kitty litter for a bag on his ride in Jeep and it tore open and spilled all over him! Gross!!!!

He must have thought it was ok since a few weeks ago he used a black garbage bag full of empty cans to put on the back of his Jeep. He said he was a garbage man.

I ran out there and got him. I brought him in the house, changed him, wiped him down and washed his hands. He'll still need a bath tonight. Gross! Then I had to get all the litter off his toy jeep and wash it. Why!!!!!!!!!

Now that I think about it, it was pretty funny. What a nutty kid.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Having a better evening...

Parker is doing much better now. Turns out he just has a cold and a very sensitive gag reflex. He's been drinking a lot of fluids today, so hopefully he won't be phlemy tonight. He loved going to the hospital. We had to go to the clinic today because his dr. didn't have any openings. He cooperated so well. They wouldn't have even known he had autism. I was so so proud of him. The only thing he wouldn't do is hold the thermometer under his tongue, but he's never done that. We rode the elevator and looked at the helipad. He was so hoping a helicopter would be there. My sister is doing great today. Parker and I just peeked in the doorway to say hi. She went home and is sleeping well.

This afternoon I was sooo tired. My WONDERFUL husband let me have a nap and I slept for 2 1/2 hours. He took care of the kids, did some dishes and even made brownies. He even turned the fan on for me. He is the sweetest man in the world. I definitely owe him big time! I feel so much better now. I'm still tired, but luckily it's close to bedtime.

Parkers runny nose has slowed down so he'll go to school tomorrow as long as tonight goes well. I hope he doesn't learn that if he pukes, he gets to stay home. I am so glad everyone is better tonight!


Parker woke up this morning coughing so hard that he puked! (He has a sensative gag reflex) I have to wash his blankets and pillow again! Why does this boy keep getting sick. He has a really runny nose too, and he keeps wiping it on his sleeve and gets his face all chapped. I got him some tissues with lotion but its hard to catch him before he uses his sleeve. (last night dh had to put some Vaseline on his face to help with the chapping) I gave him a bath this morning and I'm calling the dr. at 9. He seems congested so I want to make sure it isn't anything else. I told him that there would be no owies at the dr., I hope I can keep my promise. If he needs antibiotics he has to have a shot since he won't take medicine.

The biggest thing happened last night. My sister had to have her appendics out at 9pm. I drove to the hospital which is 35 minutes away and stayed until after 10. She came out of it fine. Poor girl, she just had her gallbladder out and her toe operated on. I'm so glad she's fine. Hopefully she'll feel better now. She's been feeling sick for a while.

I didn't get to bed until around midnight because I was kind of amped up. I read my book and before I knew it, it was really late. Then Parker woke up early. I feel like I've been dragged through the mud this morning.

Well, I better get started on laundry again. Oh wait, I need to buy more soap! Darn!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I had a really nice weekend with the kids.

Saturday we did a bunch of stuff. I took the kids cousin Shelby with us again. We went to the zoo, Costco, the free carousel, the library and to the marina to look at boats. Afterwards we went to the feed store to ask about chickens. When we move we might get some if the owner says its' ok.

Today, the kids and I went to see, "Igor". It was cute but a little scary for Parker. He asked to leave twice and even plugged his ears some. I would have left if he had put up a fuss, but he was really great about it. Usually when he really wants to leave somewhere, he won't take wait or no for a answer. I praised him so much for staying through the movie! I am just so proud of him. He is really maturing and being more tolerant of things. Molly was in heaven because they had "High school musical" popcorn buckets there and I let her get one. It was a pretty good deal though, 6 dollars for the bucket and it came with a refill. (Too full for the refill, lol)

Afterwards we went to the mall. I let the kids play a few video games, that's what keeps Parker in a good mood. He really only wanted to play shooting games, which I didn't love. Molly likes the games that give tickets. Then we went to a couple stores and to the playground at the mall. In Ross I got my Mom a Christmas present, Molly some Jelly Belly's, Parker a book and me a purse, all for about 20 dollars. I was so happy! I got a shiny blue purse, I am so in style, lol. I got my Mom a Spongebob cup. Can you believe my mother loves Spongebob. That must be where I get some of my personality, lol!

All in all it was a nice weekend. I have to go to the dr. tomorrow and I haven't been in a long time. I'm kind of nervous about it. I went off my cholesterol medicine for some stupid reason and now I need to get back on it and check out my numbers. Wish me luck. I hate going to the dr.!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Need advice from parents with special needs kids...

They want to start Parker in Kindergarten without an aid, and then give him one if he needs one. I feel like he should start with one and then wean it off if he doesn't need one. I feel like he would be more successful. What do you guys think? What did you do with your special need kids if you integrated them?

Well, it finally happened....

I got my first ticket! I was talking on my cell phone while driving! Ahhhh! I knew it was only a matter of time. It was dark and there wasn't a car for miles. Next thing I know I see a police car right next to mine. I told my sister I had to go and then I saw his lights. Dang! He asked me if I was aware of the cell phone law. I told him I was. I wish I could have came up with a good story about me having amnesia or something. Bobby laughed at me when I told him. Now he's calling me ticket lady. I don't speed, and I follow the law, but I just need to talk sometimes. I know when I'm going to buy this week,s ome kind of wireless device.

On another note, today I am taking back both kids costumes. Parker's is too small and Molly's is too boyish. Great! Now I have to treck back to 2 stores to return them. Oh well, that's life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The simple womans daybook

I thought I'd give the simple womans daybook a try.

You can find it, that's where I found it.


For Today...

Outside my Window...It's a little dreary but nice. I can hear the garbage man and then there runs Parker to stand on the porch and watch!

I am thinking...About the day Parker and I will have today. He is still home because I don't think he is quite up to going to school today. We will go to the mall and relax and then do a little grocery shopping.

From the learning rooms...Not sure what this means, but I am trying to teach Parker how to play with toys approriately. He got a new army guy set and all he wants to do is smash them with his tanks. I am trying to get him to play with them right and let me set up the fence for goodness sakes! Lol!

I am thankful for...The fact that Parker is feeling better and slept all night. He even slept in. I'm thankful that he didn't puke anymore and that he's happy today. I'm thankful for everything I have and everyone I know.

From the kitchen...Ummmm, A pile of dishes that need to be tackled today. Also, some new halloween placemats make the table look cheery.

I am wearing...White crock type shoes with sparkles, blue jeans and a black "Grumpy" shirt that says, "Moody" on it. The crocks are just for morning, I need to put on my tennis shoes. I'm a little like Mr. Rodgers, lol.

I am reading...The bible

I am get the grocery shopping, vaccuming and dishes done today.

I am creating...My flylady notebook. I need to follow it and put more in it.

I am hearing...Sesame street.

Around the house...I'm not going to lie, it's a mess. I better get started.

One of my favorite things...Is playing Yahtzee with my husband.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Keep the house clean, catch up on Flylady, tonight is the autism parents group that I'm looking forward to, Wednesday I meet with a behaviorist to talk about Parkers potty training and that's about it.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Some chickens at a dance, because I think it's cute and funny!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A bug!

I think Parker had a tummy bug last night. He threw up quite a bit last night. Around 1 he went to sleep and slept the rest of the night without throwing up. He seems fine today. I slept on the recliner and had him sleep on the couch. I was just wondering, what do you guys do when your kids have a bug?

Where do they sleep?
Where do you sleep?
What do you feed them the next day?
Do you have any tricks or tips you use?

I always have my kids sleep near me when they are really sick. We went through 3 sets of sheets last night. I have piles of laundry today. Never let your kids get sick when you aren't caught up on the washing! Haha! I'm tired today, but I'm just happy that Parker is feeling better.

Oh, and on another note, I made homemade cinnamon rolls last night. Yes, last night. Photobucket They arn't perfect looking but they sure did taste good. I was going to make them for morning, but they took half the day. I made the dough in my breadmaker, which took forever. They were worth it though! (BTW, lol, Parker didn't have any)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

They want to put Parker into Kindergarten...

as opposed to staying in his classroom with kids who are all younger than him and just starting out with school. (autistic preschool) In the beginning they just wanted him to go to a typical preschool but the one we wanted him to go to doesn't have any openings. They want him to learn social skills and more language and think he needs to be around typical kids more. He is actually the role model for the other kids in his class. They are just learning to sit at circle time and do simple things. Parker is beyond that and it's hard for him because the other kids require a lot more attention. Plus there is the whole biter thing. Did I mention before that he got bit again?

His teachers and workers seem to think he would do fine in Kindergarten from what I hear. I need to talk to them more before I decide. It's a big step.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick post

I've been pretty busy the last couple days. I'm baking bread in my breadmaker right now! I'm excited about it! I'll update when I get the chance. Bye bye for now!