Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Parker's surprise

The pastor at the church where Parker goes to youth group told the local fire department about Parker. The fire department was going around to kids with special needs and bringing Santa to them. I knew Parker would absolutly love it! The day they called I told Parker that a surprise was coming for him. I didn't tell him it would be Santa and some firefighters. Firefighters would be more exciting than Santa, but he would be a close second. When the time came, Bobbys cousin texed us. She was playing Mrs. Claus and dating a fireman, lol. We saw the lights on the firetruck pull up and we went to the door. Santa, Mrs. Claus and a couple fireman walked up to the door. You should have seen him light up! He was so excited. He didn't know who to talk to first and kind of hid behind me. After a while he warmed up to them and talked their ear off. They brought teddy bears and candy for the kids. It really renewed my Christmas spirit. They took some good pictures but mine weren't as good. I'll post some when I can. Here is the one I took.