Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not so happy kids....

This picture is so funny to me because no one wanted to have it taken. I like the way it is so real. Macey is throwing a fit because she wants down. Parker is trying to look at me for the picture but is eyeing Macey and Molly is feeling too cool for the picture. It cracked me up. I think it's one I'll blow up and put on the mantle, lol. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Small things

Why is it that Macey (age 19 mos) mostly only wants small things to play with. Things that she is not really old enough to play with. My mom just gave me this huge standing jewelry box. It's really nice and will hold more jewelry than I even own. My worry is that Macey is going to enjoy opening the drawers and taking out my jewelry. She is such a stinker.

I can barely keep up with her getting into things. I childproof pretty well but she is getting tall enough to open doors and drawers. I latch what I can but somethings are hard to childproof. Poor Parker, she loves to get into everything in his room. Molly pretty much keeps her out but when she gets in.....look out. She loves taking out her nail polish and makeup. Lets not even get started with her love of anything to write with. That girl loves to color.

She is trouble but I am in love with her. (At the moment she is taking all the pillows off my bed)

Monday, August 1, 2011


The kids are just doing so great lately! Parker is asking appropriate questions and playing with Macey. Macey is saying lots of new words and really loves her brother. Sometimes she puts her head on him and says "Love". Yesterday we went to the Discovery museum. Macey couldn't do much last time but she had a great time this time. She played with all the toys and loved the play store with cash register and play food. She even met a little boy her same age and kept calling him a baby. So cute. Molly is in Santa Barbara with her aunt and cousins. She keeps calling me and telling me all the fun things they are doing. I'm glad she is having fun but I miss her. Right when she gets home, the next day she leaves for camp for 4 days. Waaa!

This isn't my pic I posted but I wanted a pic of sunflowers. I planted a bunch and only got one. It didn't grow very big and only lasted a week or so. These are my dream sunflowers. I don't think the weather cooperated this year.