Friday, February 25, 2011

Another update

I've been thinking a lot about my buddy lately. Parker has really changed so much over the years. Lately I've been seeing so much progress. The other day I was going to teach him some sounds in the alphabet, but he knew them all already. Time to start practicing with easy books to read. I'm so proud of him. He's also been interacting with his baby sister a lot. He plays with her and even teases her with her blankie. I think she is becoming a little girl to him instead of just a baby.

It is so cute to watch Macey light up when she interacts with Parker. She loves her big brother and has came to love Barney just like he did. We've been watching a lot of that around here. Oh well, I guess they learn good things from it.

Parker is also getting better at trying new foods. He will at least take a lick or small bite of something. He is also eating toast and bagels at school. That makes me so happy.

His IEP is coming up and I always worry that he isn't getting the right services. Sometimes I'm not even sure what he should be getting. I know he is relatively happy and progressing though. I may have to have his behavorist observe the class again so I can see how he's doing. He has been crankier in class lately so I hope nothings wrong. I'm keeping my eye on it. I also have to talk to them about his behaviour plan. They have been giving him time outs during recess and we have to talk about that.

Enough about IEPs. They stress me out.

Molly is doing good. Cheerleading is almost over, whew. It takes up a lot of time but it sure made her happy.

Macey is getting more verbal and kind of fiesty, lol. What happened to my cuddly baby. She is just a doll though. I think she is the cutest thing ever. I am so blessed to have her.

Well, that's about it. Today I am laying in bed feeling cruddy. I tried my computer and low and behold I get wifi in here. Yay! Maybe I can update more often now.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February update!

Hi all. Long time no post, lol.

In the past month or so a lot has went on. Macey turned 1. Parker turned 8. Molly became and cheerleader and has her first boyfriend. It's been crazy but good.

I've missed blogging and updating pictures. I need to get busy. There hasn't been a lot new with Parker. I wish I had something to share. He's even more obsessed with movies, if thats a change, lol.

I'll update more later. My computer is acting up.