Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday ramblings...

Today was a pretty nice day. Parker did better at school. I'm so glad. His teacher was really great about everything and told me how she handled it. I am so happy that he has her for a teacher this year.

He got his school pictures today. They are really cute but silly. He is in love with his class picture and wants me to keep telling him all his classmates names. He says they are his best friends in the whole wide world. I think that is so adorable! He was happy all through the grocery store, just looking at his class picture. He also got a chocolate chip cookie at the bakery and they are his favorite. It doesn't take much to make him happy. (Not to mention the 20 some truck pictures a day I have to draw for him. I really hope this is a phase).

Molly was really excited to go to camp today. I had a hard time leaving her after we helped her carry her stuff to the bus. I kept thinking I should have gave her one more hug or made sure she was ok. I wanted to call the school and talk to her before she left but Bobby re-assured me she would be fine. It was hard to resist it. She's fine, she's fine, I just have to keep repeating that.

Bobby is bowling his last game of this year. Well, he has one more next week, but that's the roll-off to see who wins the league. His team was in first for the first half. I'm excited for him because he is so happy about it.

I still keep thinking about getting a job if it will work out. Bobby and I are both unsure about it. My kids are such a powerful pull in my life that they will come first no matter where I worked.

I'm thinking about putting my lighter quilt on my bed since it's getting warmer. I really love my heavy one so it's a hard decision, lol. Right now I can't handle any decision, lol.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Parker has had a couple bad days at school. He's been yelling at the teacher and refusing to do things. His behaviorist thinks maybe they have been expecting more out of him lately or something. He gets that attitude with me but has always been good at school. I think it's probably hard on him with all the school work he's not used to. I know it's good for him though. Maybe it will just take some time. I am going to keep an eye on it for the next week or two. If it continues, Parker's behaviourist is going to talk to his teachers to see what they can work out. Maybe see if they have any clues to what triggers the melt downs and behaviours. I'm also watching to see how he's feeling and if anything is different. (When I asked Parker what he did to the teacher, he said, "I hit her", I know he didn't but I think he must have wanted to, lol. I thought he would say he yelled at her.)

They said he just had trouble in the morning, that the rest of the day was good. He had a new thing about his jacket also. He doesn't want to wear it on the playground or at home, even when it's freezing. I wonder what is up with that?

I would love to hear from anyone who's children have behaviour problems at school. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Molly is all packed and ready for her school camping trip tomorrow. She is so excited! She is a little scared too. She is not much of a nature girl and was like me, scared of every little noise outside. She's happy though, and can't wait. I'm going to miss her.

Today the kids and I went to visit my sister. She had just came back from a hair show with my niece. She brought me a bag with some hair stuff, earrings, a scented thing and some bracelets. I love them all! It was so nice of her and Mandy to think of me. They are so sweet. I have the best family.

I'm tired tonight. It's been a really long day. I put away a ton of books of Parker's. What am going to do with all his books? He loves them all but keeps leaving them out everywhere. I need to find a solution for that one.

Well, I better get ready for another busy day tomorrow. Have a nice day!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I was pretty embarrassed when Parker's teacher talked to me on Friday. She asked me if Parker had any longer shirts or higher pants. She said that it's distracting for some of the kids, especially during music class, when Parker's butt crack is hanging out. I felt like such a pathetic mother. I felt like I was the one who had the stinky kid in class or something, lol. I told her that the only reason some of his shirts were shorter was because they were ones he loved and had wanted to wear a lot. He has some newer ones that are longer but he just doesn't really like them. I told her I would find some longer ones. How embarrassing.

When I got home I went through his shirts and got rid of most of the too short ones. His very favorites I saved for him to wear to bed. I also went to Ross and bought him 3 long shirts. I don't want Parker to be the outcast in his special needs class. It's funny and it's not. I guess I never really thought about his crack being out at school, lol. I just had to share that with you all. I swear the boy must have no hips. We are always pulling his pants up. Another thing the teacher said to me was that Parker got very stubborn with her. He refused to put his back pack down, yelled no and threw it on the floor. She said saw a different side of him. I hope she doesn't think he would get physical or anything. He really is a mellow guy.

That was Friday afternoon. Friday later Bobby came home and told me his was laid off for 3 weeks now. How are we supposed to survive like that? Luckily God was looking out for us and one of our neighbors wants Bobby to do some yard work for her for a while and she pays pretty good. I'm happy about that. I have to put my job hunt on hold for a while since he will be working for her when I was going to work.

I also found out that our respite worker is moving and her last month will be May. Just when we get attached, they move.

I'm complaining today but not. We've had many blessings lately so I need to just count them. Tonight I'm going to make an apple desert. I made it before and everyone really liked it. I hope you all have a nice week.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi again

Greetings from the library, lol. It's awfully quiet in here....

Not much new is going on with us. Bobby did hear that he may be layed off again next week. I'm not sure what we are going to do about that. I may have no choice but to get a job.

The kids are doing good. Parker has been using the potty more and I am really proud of him. I'm trying to convince him that he is a big boy like his friends.

Molly is excited about school camp next week. It is all she can talk about.

Her and I made a macaroni salad yesterday. She really loves chopping things up. I love that she is old enough to help now and still willing.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. I think this will be a quiet one for us. I'll post again tomorrow or Saturday if I can sneak away. Miss you all!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bad news...

I won't be on the computer much for a while. We are dropping our phone/Internet/cable package until we get back on our feet. Bobby keeps getting laid off, off and on, and we had to cut expenses that were not absolutely necessary. Hopefully it will just be for a month or 2. It's really bumming me out but I will still get on the computer every couple of days at the library. Also, I may end up with some cheapo Internet or something. We only have cell phones right now, not home ones so I'm not completely sure how to do that. I feel like this is my outlet but at least I don't have to give it up all the way. I love going to the library near by so I will be there quite often while the kids are in school.

Parker is going to be upset by the loss of YouTube, but I'm sure he'll get used to it.

Today was such a hot day. The kids were actually sweating. It made me feel like a big lump.(In the house at least) I'm kind of depressed anyways because of all our financial problems. I keep looking into work but I can only make a little and then I lose Parker's benefits that pay for his services. I'm sort of caught in the middle. I'm looking for a side job, maybe taking care of an elderly or disabled person. We'll see how that works out. Keep us in your prayers. Thanks!

My little "Hulk"


Doesn't he look tough!

These are a couple of pics from his friends birthday party at the park yesterday. This was the first time he has ever let anyone paint his face.


My pretty girl with a butterfly on her face. Parker said she looked like "Blue Spiderman". Funny guy!

I am definately enjoying school being back in! Yay! Time to get back to work!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Had a nice day....

Today seemed to go by really quickly even though we didn't do much. I started playing Yoville on Facebook. It seems really fun and addicting.

My niece cut my hair today and I really love it! She does the best job! She cut Bobby's also. His looks nice too.

Molly is at a friends house, again, and Parker is snug in his bed. I drew Parker a bunch of truck pictures today. To him, that's just like getting a present. I also put a ton of stuffed animals on his bed and he had the best time. He didn't even want to come out of his room. He kept telling me, "more animals, find more animals".

Yesterday I found some blogs from another site that have to do with doing kids hair. I found some really great hairstyles for Molly. I tried one last night and it looked really cute on her. She loved it but she isn't really in to sitting while I do her hair anymore. She told me I could practice on her doll, lol. I said, nope, cause you are the one who is going to wear the hairstyles.

That's about it. I'm glad Monday is almost here. Kids are back to school and I am back to my cleaning routine. I also hope Bobby gets to work for a while now. Pray they don't lay him off anymore.

That's about it for my ramblings. Here is a pic of my haircut. I took the picture myself so that's why it looks weird.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why does he have to grow?!!!

Parker is getting so big. With his getting bigger comes new issues. He wants to still do all the little kid stuff he used to do, but his size isn't allowing for some things.

He wants us to wrestle him but he is almost as strong as me. He weighs 74 pounds and is getting tall. He has no boundaries when it comes to wrestling and someone usually ends up getting hurt. Right now my neck is killing me from wrestling him a little. You'll try and hug him or something, and he'll kind of pull away and hang, wrenching your neck.

He wants to fit in the shopping carts at the mall and Safeway. They are meant for little kids and he is almost too big for all of them.

He wants to wear things that are meant for little kids. We just bought him some underwear with the Hulk on them and they barely fit him. He is going to have to move on to the plain underwear.

He wants to be carried sometimes. I love him and love to carry him. He's just too big now and it kills me to do it. I hold him sitting down but that's about all I can do without being in pain afterwards.

Those are just a few examples. I think maturity wise and maybe even mentally, he seems a lot younger than he is. He is a little guy in a big guys body.

I am going to have to work on new outlets for his wrestling and rough housing. We are going to have to get him something like a punching toy or a trampoline to get out his energy. We are going to have to make rules clear about jumping on people and play hitting. We are going to have to find ways to still have fun but also be safer.

I have such a hard time with this. I want to hold him and hug him and kiss him. He wants to play, and wrestle and get away. Only when he is sick, upset or really tired can I hold him without him jumping or bucking. It's sad for me. Sometimes I even try and hold Molly, lol. At least she will sit still. Molly hated getting bigger also. She even now wishes she could do things that small kids can do. I know I can't keep my kids little but I wish I could.

So here I sit with a hurting neck and a heavy heart. My kids are growing by the minute and I can't stop them. I know this, but it is so hard on me. Somebody, get me something to hug, Bobby is getting tired of it, lol!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy happy day!

Parker pooped in the potty again! I think we are on a roll here! He is not afraid and he is so proud of himself! I am so happy! I think he is going to keep this up. Can I do a happy dance now!

Today was a really nice day. I stayed home and cleaned. Bobby and I watched some Malcolm in the middle. Parker and I read some books and Molly and I used the glue gun. We didn't have many crafts to make, but we played around anyways. We cracked up over eachothers decorated paper cups and plastic spoons. Hey, you work with what you have, lol. We were just happy to play with the glue gun. I decorated a basket of Parker's with a tire, a Batman guy and an army guy. He thought it was great and happily broke them all off. Oh well, we tried.

I did not step foot out of the house today. Oh well, at least I had good company.

Bobby is visiting his cousin tonight and Molly is at her cousins house. Parker and I are the only ones without cousins, lol.

Tomorrow I plan on tackling my shelves in the dining room. I did the game shelves yesterday but tomorrow I need to do the dishes/appliances/vases shelves.

Today my sister came over and brought us something. She is so thoughtful and caring. I don't know what I would do without her. I hope there comes a day when I can help her out. She is one of those people that just help you without you even asking. I think there is a special place in heaven for people like her. I want to get my act together so I can be more like her.

That's about it for my day. Tonight I'm watching Kathy Griffins comedy special. (I forget what it's called) I know, I know, she's awful, but she cracks me up. I listen to her and cringe, lol. Oh well, it's better to laugh then cry!

Oh yeah, do you like the new header? It's a pic of Parker when he was around 1. What do you do when you don't have enough hands, lol, put something in your mouth. I want to find a good picture of Molly and Parker to put on the header. Dave, hint hint, do you have any you could email me?

I'm not as cranky today...

Today is my day to clean while Bobby wrangles the kids. I've already got a jump start on it so it shouldn't take me too long. I'm going to take the kids to the library later, to get them out of the house. If it warms up we might go to the park. Either way I need to take a walk.

Parker pooped in the potty a little bit, twice yesterday! I am so proud of him! Now if we could only shut something off while he sits on the potty, it tends to squirt on the floor, lol.

Today I'm going to clean out the fridge, fun fun. I'm actually in the cleaning mood so it won't be too bad. I already put away all the Easter decorations, started laundry, filled the sink for dishes, swept the floors and picked up the living room.

Everyone have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not liking Easter break already...

Parker and Molly are both whiny and it's driving me nuts. Money is super tight since Bobby's job keeps laying everyone off and we can't do things they want to do. He was laid off for the whole week this week. I don't know when he will get a whole check. I even applied for a job at Target.

Bobby is on a cleaning spree. I should be glad but that leaves me with the kids. I want to clean and give him the kids. Our house is pretty clean, I think he's just cleaning for a break. I told him today I want to clean and give him the kids. Right now he is painting my Mom's living room for her. It stinks he's doing it today because they might be coming to weatherize our house. That means replacing doors and windows and using power tools. Parker freaks when people use power tools. That leaves me at home with a freaked out kid. I told him not to be surprised if he gets a call from me to come home. He didn't want to do Mom's house today but he wants to get it over with.

So, I'm grumpy and it's no-ones fault. It's just a big pile of circumstances. Not to mention it's too cold to play outside. We may play some moon sand later or play dough or something. Oh, while I'm complaining, my Internet virus protection trial ran out and I keep getting all these annoying pop-ups. It keeps shutting my computer down and restarting it also. I don't know how to fix it because we can't get a new virus protection right now. Grrrrrr!

Maybe I'll take the kids to the library later. I need to keep my sanity some how. Hurry up next week!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter was really nice...

As usual I didn't take the best pictures. I also forgot my camera when we went to my sisters house. Also, the pics of Molly with her Easter basket, I had to change. She was wearing shorts and long shirt but it looks like she is just wearing a shirt in the picture.

Parker was grumpy on Easter. I think he was expecting something fabulous and with money being tight, it wasn't quite what he expected. It was really good though, I think he just thought he would get a big truck or a movie or something.

He also thinks that you get a prize after every egg hunt.

On Saturday we went to another Easter party. Parker did pretty well and made lots of crafts. It's the first time he's really been interested in crafts. Things were going well until Molly won a drawing and he didn't. That made him really mad.

We had a meeting at the house today regarding Parker's ABA therapy. He is doing really well and making good progression. I had to ask for some help on his wanting prizes all the time, being whiny and learning to play appropriately. I got some good tips and we are going to work on these things.

Today was a long day. The kids are bored already. Here's hoping the weather stays nice and I keep them alive, lol. Everyone have a nice day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm missing my brother tonight...

(I stole this pic from his myspace!)
My Mom talked to him on the phone today while I was there. It made me sad to think he wouldn't be here on Easter. He is such a fun guy, we all miss him so much. He moved around Christmas and I haven't seen him since. He's only moved about 4 hours away, I need to go see him.

He is the kind of guy everyone likes. He has tons of funny stories. He is a big jokester. Parker really likes him and he always buys him the best gifts. I hope they change their minds and move back. I know he is happy where he is at so I guess I shouldn't be so selfish. He is with a really great girl who has 4 really great kids.

Oh well, enough whining. I'm sure he'll be back to visit soon.

I hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow. We are going to the Elks lodge where my other sister belongs. They are having an Easter party for the kids. Parker doesn't really want to go but I think it's because last weekend there were a ton of people. This time there won't be so many.

I am thankful!


I'm thankful first and foremost that today is good Friday. Thank you Jesus for what you did for us today!

I'm thankful for Bobby and my kids. They are my life!

I'm thankful for my family and Bobby's family. They are all so wonderful. We appreciate them more than they know.

I am also thankful for my fellow bloggers, who teach me so much!

Today as I walked Parker to class, I noticed that my car and 2 others had autism awareness magnets on them. How funny is that. We were all parked by each other. When they say 1 in 150, they really mean it. I talked to one of the people getting out of their car. She said she is a mother of a teenager with autism. She said that Parker reminded her a lot of her little boy, always asking questions. She was really sweet and was talking to Parker about his book. It was nice that I got a chance to talk to her since I always see her car in the parking lot.

Parker brought some little treats that I made to his class today. I hope he gets to hand them out.

He was so happy today. He had a little bounce in his step. Whenever he is happy he is bouncy. I swear half the time I'm walking him somewhere he is bouncing as we walk. It's pretty cute but he might bounce me off the sidewalk when he gets older, lol.

Molly gets to go to a movie with the other kids in her school the made the honor roll today. She is so proud of herself. I am so proud of her! They get to see the Monsters/Aliens movie! Lucky!

How great is life!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday ramblings......

I'm cranky this morning because my house is a shambles. Yesterday it was spotless, today, a disaster. Why does one hectic evening equal mess. We baked cookies so that accounts for a lot of it. Parker also got to the bottom of the bag of goldfish, hence all the crumbs. I have to go to town today so the mess will have to wait. Oh well, at least we had fun yesterday. We went to Molly's back to school night. It went better than I thought it would. (Taking Parker while Bobby was gone) Tonight is Parker's back to school night. I'm excited!

Here are some pictures of our cookies.

Parker was actually in a good mood for school today. That made me happy. I'm really looking forward to next week. No more getting up early! Yay! For a whole week! That also means kids for a week, oops, maybe I won't get excited, lol.

Everyone have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today as I was walking out my door, I really noticed it was spring. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the flowers smelled so beautiful!

I decided I needed to spend some time outside, smelling the flowers and taking some pictures. If only I could bottle that smell!

I took a few pictures from my yard. I think in a couple more weeks there will be flowers everywhere. The pics are of the little flowers blooming, a cool tree in the yard, my hens and chickens plants, the shed and the side yard. That cute shed is my view when I do dishes. I'm really lucky.

PhotobucketPhotobucketHens and chickensanother side of the shedPhotobucketPhotobucket
Thank you God for this beautiful day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I hate mornings............

This morning really stunk. I didn't get much sleep last night so I woke up tired. My neck is really hurting.

Molly said I should keep them home today since I didn't feel good. Haha! That would really help. That got Parker all worked up about staying home. I told him no and told Molly she would have to do chores the next time she talked about staying home in front of Parker.

Once I got Parker to school I realized I forgot his library book. Today is library day and he really looks forward to it. I had to go home and search through all his books to find it.

After I dropped it off I realized I needed to buy eggs for the kids to decorate on Friday. I wanted to get them today because I know by the end of the week they will be expensive. (I know, I put it off last year). I also had to buy cat litter because we didn't keep up on sifting the litter box. Someone is protesting by peeing next to the box. Fun fun, I get to clean the litter boxes today.

Since I was bring Parker his library book, that made me think of the other library books. I rounded them all up and took them back. We have got to stop going twice without bringing them back. I had to return like 30 books. Good thing they weren't late. I told Parker we might go after school, but he's always ticked that we don't go to the big library. It's like 20 minutes away and I already have to drive by there later tonight. Tonight is my parents of kids with autism group I go to.

Anyways, I got home and put the eggs away. Oops, I forgot that I asked Bobby to get eggs on Sunday. I guess we'll be eating eggs for a while.

I think the kids and I are going to make sugar cookies today. We need to hurry because the Easter m&m's are disappearing fast, lol.

I hope everyone has a nice day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our weekend

Friday we didn't do much. Parker did not like that it all. He hates staying home. He's happy to even go to the store, that's how boring it's been lately.

Saturday we took the kids to an Easter party that raises money for the hospital. We got donated tickets from my brother in law. It was awesome. We took Molly's friend with us. It's always more fun for older kids when they get to bring a friend. We ate, played games and did a raffle. I didn't win anything, boo hoo. Spider-man, Batman, Elmo, the tooth fairy (my niece) and the Easter bunny were there. Parker was in HEAVEN! He used to be scared of people in costumes, but not anymore. He loves them. Even when we were leaving he said to Elmo, "Elmo, give me a hug". He gave Elmo the biggest hug. In his plastic egg he found a gold coin. He got to turn it in for a chocolate bunny. That made him happy. Molly got a chocolate bunny and a t-shirt for raising money for the hospital. My sister works for the foundation so Molly has an in, lol. She was there taking tickets, my niece was the tooth fairy and my brother in law was the photographer. Also my other sister was there talking on the microphone or something. My Mom volunteered too. It seemed like a family event, lol.

Parker was an angel at the Easter party. He only whined a little when we had to wait. He wasn't scared, he wasn't yelling or running around, he was just being a good boy. I was so proud of him and thought he came so far. I saw a lady I knew there, who has a child with autism. She didn't bring him. It must be too much for him. Sometimes though, you just have to try things out. We've went to this Easter party 2 years in a row and this is the first time I have taken Parker and I'm so glad I did.

Today we did yard work. The landlord put up a fence around our back yard for Parker's safety. That way he can play back there and I don't have to stay with him every minute. We put a little toy kitchen in the back and the kids had a ball today. I pulled weeds, Bobby pulled out an old tree, Molly hauled weeds and Parker instructed everyone. We want to get our yard nice for summer. My sister gave me some good ideas on what to do back there. Speaking of my sister, we got a nice treat and she came over. We watched a movie, ate lunch and hung out in the back yard. The kids are always so happy when she comes.

Tonight Molly graciously shared her bath with Parker. She knows he wanted to get in and was disappointed when I told him it was her bath. She is so thoughtful that way. Always wanting to make him happy any way she can. They actually had a great time. I know they are getting older, but they are still very innocent. It was really sweet.

Tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to do. I also need to get back on the housework bandwagon. I have a neglected desk and dining room table to attend to.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank you Kristi & TC and The slideshow below

Thank you Kristi and TC for the Spiderman costume for Parker! He was so excited! He jumped all the way to the car when I told him he had a package! He tore it open and was so excited. All the way home he kept saying, "What did I get in the mail?" and he wanted me to say, "A package with a Spiderman costume". He's wearing it as we speak. I know he's going to have to use the bathroom soon and it's going to be hard to get it off him! Thank you so much! I posted some pics below of him wearing it today! You are so sweet!

My Superheros!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a morning! (May not be for those of you with weak stomach's)

This morning I was in a huge hurry. The night before I had everything set out so we could get everyone ready early and to school early. I had to be somewhere at 8:45 and had to drive about 25 minutes. I was thinking we were making good time until I saw Parker standing by the computer.

Then I smelled him at the computer! He had pooped in his underwear! It was not solid! It was awful. I had to use like 30 wipes and most of it fell on the floor in the bathroom. As I was cleaning it up and Parker up, Parker was gagging. I was trying to hurry as fast as I could. Then I got him into the living room for a second look. I had missed his feet and legs. How does it get there?

So I get him cleaned up and I'm rushing around even faster. I go to get my shoes on and saw something on my pant leg. Any guesses to what it was? Yeah, that's it. I yelled to Molly to get me another plastic bag because I didn't have time to change my pants. I had to use a ton of wipes to clean it up and then a couple of rags. Even though it was just a small spot, it was gross!

Molly was appalled that I would go out that way. I needed to go to this appointment. It took me forever to get. It helps you with your utilities and can weatherise your house.

Luckily I got the kids to school on time and made it to my appointment. I kept worrying that I smelled the whole time. I kept spraying perfume on my leg in the car, lol.

I got through that and then went to visit my sister at work. It was nice seeing her. I made her smell me before I left. She sprayed my leg with her perfume as I was leaving, lol.

Then I went to meet someone from They had responded to my ad I placed before about wanting a costume for Parker. They had a Power Rangers costume with gloves, a batman mask, spider man gloves and a spider man cape. That was so nice of them! He still wants a Spider man costume but I think Kristi might be helping us out. (So sweet of her!)

My day was crazy. I had a ton of laundry and dishes to do when I got home. Between Parker and Jack, my house was a disaster.

Speaking of Jack. Giving him a bath wasn't my smartest idea. First we tried it in the sink. Would have been smart of me to remove the clean dishes from the strainer first. Of course when he jumped out of the sink he landed on the clean dishes.

Next we tried the tub. I thought that a couple good dunks would at least get him partially clean. He freaked and ripped my shower curtain. Poor guy. He was fine, and we did get him somewhat cleaner. He was pretty scared after that. We dried him off and he went and hid. He's back to his old self today, and pretty clean.

That's my crazy day. I'm still doing dishes and laundry. What a day!