Thursday, April 30, 2015

Young, older, old, and new

Parker has a thing with labeling people. He wants them to either be young or old. I tell him that there are really old people, kind of old, older, young, youngish, etc. He will go up to an older person and ask them if they are old. I tell him that people don't like to be called old but he really doesn't believe me. He loves to ask my mom if she's old. My mom does not like it, lol. She is 72 and would like to say it's 72 years young. His teacher is probably in his 50's but he has grey hair. Parker wants him to be old. I tell Parker he is older, but not old. I wish he didn't need to know if someone was young or old. He used to call people new or old, lol. His other new thing he likes is to point out someone with a deep voice that's a woman. He'll say, "You're a lady right? Why do you have a deep voice?" Oh, I about want to crawl under the rug when he does that. Now if I hear someone with a deep voice, I stop Parker ahead of time and tell him not to say anything. His behaviorist and I are working on this as week speak. He also doesn't like it when people have conversations in a different language. Yet, he likes to watch movies and change the language. He is always listening to movies in spanish. I think it helps him understand the language. He is learning a lot of spanish and always asking me to look up a word for him. It's fine with me. I'm not a fan of listening to his movie in french though, I can never understand that, lol. I love that boy so much. He is so funny. I just want to make sure he doesn't hurt peoples feelings. I tell him that everyone is different. I tell him that if he has a question about someone to ask me privately. He never wants to upset anyone, I think he's just trying to make sense of a world of people that don't fit into neat little categories.