Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This sign should be for Parker, with his love of taco meat!

This would be a good sign for Parker

What a rough life!

My cats have the life

I found a new blog I like

and she is having a contest. I added her button to the bottom of my site.

Here is a link to the contest http://ebogie.blogspot.com/2008/09/birthday-giveaways.html

She is giving away lots of great prizes. Check it out!

Today is better

Yesterday I felt awful all day. I just layed around and felt miserable. I think I also had a 24 hour bug. Today I need to catch up on housework. Why can't I just work and work and get it all done? The computer and t.v. draws me in, lol. We have a bunch of our Halloween stuff just sitting in the kitchen and I need to move it. It's driving me crazy. Lately Bobby and I have been playing Yahtzee at night. We've been having a lot of fun with it. I like playing with him because he can add up the dice in like 2 seconds. I wish I could do that. He is a fun guy. We have a lot of fun together. Tomorrow I have to take both kids to get new shoes. They really both need them. I just bought Molly 3 new pairs of school shoes and they are already hurting her feet! Grrr! Why do these kids have to keep growing, lol! Everyone have a nice day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not a good morning....

Parker woke up at 5:30. I kept hoping he would go back to sleep, but he wouldn't. I went in his room and he was wet. He soaked through his PJ's and got his sheets too. Poor guy. I got him up and cleaned up and changed and sat down. The first thing he did was ask for a drink and to play Nick Jr.. I was tired so I wasn't very happy to have these demands right away. Why did I stay up so late last night?! Then, as I sat there with a "it's too early" queasy stomach, the cat proceeded to barf right in front of me. It was almost more than my stomach could handle. I walked into the kitchen for paper towels and spray and I saw an even bigger pile of barf. Yuck! Then I realized that I hadn't cooked the hamburger for the taco meat for Parker's lunch. I had to start that. My boy, that doesn't eat breakfast, smelled it cooking and kept begging for some. I kept telling him that it wasn't done yet but he didn't like that answer. When I finally got it finished he ate two bowls of it. That is really strange for him in the mornings. Then Molly started whining about wanting to stay home and that her backpack was too heavy. It was and I keep telling her not to take too much stuff. Ahhhhh! What a morning. Now I'm tired, cranky and trying to clean the house and organize and declutter all of Parker's books. I hope the rest of the day goes better.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My sweet angels today!

My kiddos

Cheese factory and the park...

Last night Mollys sort of cousin spent the night. Today I took Molly, Shelby and Parker to the Cheese factory and the park. It's actually just a place that makes cheese but we call it the cheese factory. Here are some of the pictures. (oops, some of the pics didn't upload right. I'm too lazy to fix them. Sorry.)

This is them watching the cheese being made.

Parker at the park.

Parker pushing Molly off the bench.

Molly and Shelby

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What we did today...

We went to our disability support group-playgroup today. It was at a small beach by the bay. It started out really cold but ended up warm. The kids had a blast and got wet and sandy. The water was really shallow and the kids waded around. We even saw a dead jellyfish and some dead crabs. Afterwards we went to the yard sale that our respite worker was having. She is moving on Halloween and wanted to have a sale. We told her we would check it out and we did. I got a bread maker and Molly got a game. Anyways, we love her house. We even filled out an application for the landlord. It's a 2 bedroom, but the one bedroom is big enough for a partition. It has a barn, 5 fruit trees, and a garden. We really hope we get it! It even has a white picket fence! Next door are 2 geese, some chickens and a horse. The best part is that it's about 5 minutes from Bobby's other job and it is close to my sister and closer to the next town over. I so hope we get it. I'm leaving it in Gods hands. The picture I am posting of Parker and his respite worker is at her house and under one of the apple trees!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I ordered some food from "Schwans".

I've never ordered from them before but my Mom has. I've tried a few of her things and liked them. I just got a few things this time. I think Parker will be so excited to see a truck drive up to our house. I better order something he'll like next time! Do any of you order from them?

Getting out the fall/Halloween stuff

This is my favorite candle and candle holder. It's a candy corn candle that smells heavenly. It even makes me hungry. I've had it for 4 years now. The candle holder was made by my niece Mandy. I just love it.

This is a wreath made by Molly at school. I think it's really cute.

Here is a vine basket that I bought last year. I bought it when Halloween was over so this is the first time I've gotten to use it. I like it because it matches a bunch of my stuff.

I think this weekend I'm going to pull out the Halloween stuff. I have a couple thing out already but I'm going to get out the rest.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Special exposure Wednesday #8

5 Minutes for Special Needs

The train driver says, "Hurry up!".

Train Driver

This was a cute picture of Parker that I took a couple of months ago. We have a small train display in our town and Parker loves climbing on them. Just a year or so ago he couldn't get up on it himself, but now he can. I'm really proud of him and I only have to help him down. He could probably get down himself, but Mom is a chicken.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The best sandwich in the world...

ended up on the floor.

I washed all the lettuce, cut up and washed the tomato, peeled and sliced the avocado, and lovingly made my turkey sandwich. I grabbed some chips, my sandwich and headed to the computer. I know you are not supposed to eat at the computer. But, I wanted to check my email so that's what I did, Only my sandwich ended up being heavier than I thought. It tilted off the side of the desk and ended up on the floor. What was I to do? I did what any other good mother would do, I picked it up, brushed it off, and ate it. I know, gross huh. But after all that work I had to. Anything that was left on the floor my cat Jack ate. I mean, he ate everything but the pickles but he did try them. Oh well, next time I'll eat at the table.

Getting my house back in shape

I'm going to set the time periodlically for 15 for each room. If its not cleaned up in 15 minutes, then I'll go back to that room later for another 15 minutes. This place is do for a major cleaning overhall!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I kind of feel like a failure...

I decided that I'm quitting college. While I've been in college, I feel like a dark cloud is hanging over me. I'm always behind on my assignments, the housework is suffering and we are having to juggle who picks up which kid. Once I decided to quit I felt a huge relief. One of my teachers even told me that three online classes was too much to start out with. They give you more work because there is no class time. I have 3 papers due in the next week or so. I just felt like I couldn't do it all. Hey, my blogging has even been suffering. Haha! I also found out that the kind of job I want, probably doesn't need a college certificate. I'm looking for an office job and I've done that kind of work before.

I'm a little sad, and disappointed in myself, but overall I feel better.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My young fashon designer

Barbie clothes Molly made

Molly made something for her Barbie to wear under her clothes. She made it with electrical tape. I thought that was pretty inventive. She is learning to sew and has also made a dress for her dolls out of a glove. I think she will be really creative when she gets older! She didn't get it from me though!

I did find a couple crafts on youtube I want to make though. You can check them out on my playlist. I really want to make the candy wreath.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No coat!

Parker isn't transitioning into wearing a coat again. He will only wear sweatshirts and they have to be certain sweatshirts. I had to go through 3 this morning before I finally found one he would wear. He always has trouble with clothes transitions when the weather changes. Hopefully he will get used to it soon and it won't become a problem. Molly wouldn't wear a coat either this morning. I swear, it has to be snowing before they want coats. Coats make me feel comfortable and secure. I'd wear a coat everyday if the weather permitted. I have tons of coats. Right now my favoite is a blue zip up sweat jacket. I love buying new coats almost as much as shoes!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chilly morning and a brag...

It's chilly today but I like it. I'm doing my homework, have the heater on and I feel nice and cozy. I even put my warm comforter on my bed today. I have a feeling it's going to be chilly for a while. It might even rain on Friday. I'm kind of excited for it.

Last night Parker was so cute. He was watching his "Winnie the Pooh" movie. It was so cute because he was laughing at all the right parts and just smiling through the whole thing. When it came to the part where Pooh got stuck in Rabbits house, he just laughed and laughed. He made everyone else in the house smile because he was so cute about it. He makes us smile everyday and remember the small stuff. I love that boy so much.

Molly started playing the clarinet this week and she is so excited about it. She also joined chorus at school. She is my outgoing little girl. I guess she's not so little anymore. I love her so much too. She is smart, kind, funny and sweet.

I hope everyone has a nice day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bummer weekend...

We stayed home all weekend and it was boring. Saturday dh worked and I stayed home and cleaned the house. Fun fun. Sunday wasn't a whole lot better except Bobby was home and we changed the living room around some. We brought in the table from outside and put it in the living room. We also moved the desk and changed a few things around. I'm really happy with it. He also hung up a few things for me that I've been wanting him to hang up. We played a few games of Rummy afterwards. That was nice. I'm in such a blah mood because money is tighter than tight, I'm behind on my school work and we've been stuck at home. Also, our great respite worker told us this weekend that she is going to move back to Vermont at the end of October. I am so sad about her moving. She is the best respite worker anyone could ask for. How am I going to find one as good as her? I guess everyone has times like this. It's been putting me in a bad mood and I hope today is better. I have a lot of worries and I need to give them to God and then leave them in his hands. I don't have any other choice.

I got Parker's assessment from his preschool teacher. It was an assessment of some of his goals. He did great on most of them and met a lot of them. The ones he really had trouble with were the tracing and the alphabet. He has no interest in letters and we need to come up with a way to get him interested. Does anyone have any good ideas. Thanks to Julie, Parker's ABA worker is going to print off a bunch of dot to dot pages for Parker! He thought that was a great idea!

Here's hoping everyone has a great Monday!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Coke/Recycling truck...

This is what I found when I went out to the backyard where Parker was:


He took all the red cans out of the reycling bucket. He said it was his recyling coke truck. What a funny guy! We've been looking at garbadge trucks and Coke and Pepsi trucks on his youtube site. He has a good imagination. He just makes us all smile so much!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Great idea for kids!

Check it out! Make your own youtube playlist for your kids.


The things Molly and I talk about in the morning....

Lol! I hope you are prepared for this one. There is some TMI involved and it might be gross.

She came in my room early because her hamster woke her up. Then she woke me up by getting in my bed. Dh had already left so she took his side. She was laying there playing her game boy and we were talking. Finally I said, "I have to get up, I have to pee like a racehorse." Sorry, I know, TMI. Molly was like, "Why do people say that, do racehorses always have to pee bad?" I told her that I didn't know and that we should look it up on the Internet, lol.

Here is what we found:


Lovely, huh! Didn't you always want to know that!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My smart guy...

The lady that run and oversees the autistic preschools in the area talked to me today. She thinks that Parker would benefit more from a typical preschool and not the autistic preschool. She thinks his skills are great and he wants to interact with other kids. She thinks that he is the most high functioning in the class and she thinks that it's holding him back. She said she wants his influence to be typical kids and not the lower functioning ones. I'm not sure what to think about all that. He may be starting head start now a couple days a week. She thinks he might have even been ready for kindergarten with an aid. Wow. I'm supposed to be meeting with her and his teacher soon to figure out what to do about this. I'm really excited!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My random thoughts at college today.

I think a lot at school because my mouth is quiet, lol.

I think about the fact that....
-The guy in the guidance lab is crunching his chips waaaay too loud.
-My phone is pretty, pink with red cherries.
-There is a sock in the parking space next to my car. I hope no one thinks it's mine and I kick it farther away from my car. A few minutes later a lady walks by my car and asks if I lost a sock. Sure, I just throw random socks out the window.
-Lots of people have cool backpacks.
-I wish I smoked so I could be more social. The smokers look like they are having a good time, lol.
-The college is really spread out and I am tired, huff puff.
-The college is really pretty. Lots of Redwoods and greenery.
-There are mosquito's everywhere and I think I can feel West Nile Virus coming on.

In Psych. class I think....

-That the girl in front of me has cool nail polish. It's light blue, and I want some.
-The fact that I hate my handwriting.
-When we learn about Freud and his stages, I think something must have gone wrong in potty training with me, lol. I love bathroom humor. I better ask my mom.
-That I can't wait to leave and get back to my kids.
-That there is an androgynous person in the class and I never catch his/her name to see if he/she is a she or a he.
-That the teacher always changes the overhead just as I'm about to finish copying it.
-That it's strange that the teacher is older and has a 2 year old.
-I wonder what she is thinking about me.
-I hope my underwear arn't sticking out the back of my pants and showing. (Hence why I kept pulling my shirt down)

Now don't run away when you read what I think about all day. There is more, but then you might really think I was looney, lol. Just kidding, or maybe not.


I'm going to give Parker's teacher a chance until we move. She was a lot more friendly today and seemed more relaxed. Parker is still very happy to go to school, so that's a good thing.

I was having some trouble in school myself and decided to talk to the school counselor for help. She suggested a guidance class that you drop in to do your work and their are tutors to help you. I signed up today and it's such a relief! They gave me some great study tips and the teachers have taken most of the classes so they can totally help you! You can eat there, check your email, do your homework, do your work online and anything else. It also looks like a good place to make friends. Looks like God is looking out for me again. He sent me to the right place and changed my attitude! God is good!

Bobby is bowling, the kids are in bed and I'm cleaning up some. It's a good thing!

Special exposure wednesday #7

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Photobucket Image Hosting
Parker and his new boots! They are a big step for Parker. Before he wouldn't even try them on! He knew he wanted them, because firefighters wear boots, but they seemed scary! He is loving them!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To make matters worse...

Parker got bit yesterday and no one saw it. He has a big bite on his leg. That just made my day worse yesterday because I obsess over things. I hope they keep an eye on things better now. I know kids get bit, but it's surprising that no one saw because I know he would have been crying. The boy bit right through his pants. Poor Parker. He had the words to tell me who did it. It's a boy who is younger than him that can't talk. The boy was probably just frustrated. It's funny though, Parker is usually pretty mellow and doesn't get in anybody's way. He's a lover, not a fighter. I'm going to talk to his teacher about it today. Everyones nice responses made me feel better yesterday. It's nice that I'm not the only one who goes through this. I hope everyone has a nice day.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm feeling kind of unhappy with Parker's new teacher. Personally, not the way she teaches. She is just not super friendly. Sometimes I say things and she doesn't say anything back. She is one of those thinkers, who don't talk a lot. That's hard for me to deal with because I do talk a lot. Parkers last teacher was wonderful and so friendly. Same with the aids in the class. Parker's old teacher thinks Parkers new teacher is great and has some great ideas. That's great she has great ideas, but I wish she was a little more friendly. Who knows, maybe she's just nervous being new and all. We are in the process of looking for a new house, in the same town where Parkers school is and the college I go to. Then he might go back to his old preschool and I won't have to drive as far. Bobby either, since he works in that town. Everything we mostly do is in that town. My Mom lives there also. We live in a tiny town that barely has anything. Everything is overpriced in the stores because the town is a tourist town.

Off that rant, Parker got some new boots this weekend. He really needs tennis shoes, but he wanted the boots. I got them for him because he's never owned a pair of boots. In fact, he used to be afriad of them to the point where he wouldn't even try them on. He looks really cute in them. They are the red, Lightening McQueen ones.

I'm kind of down today because of the lack of interaction with Parker's teacher this morning. I can't let it get me down though, because that is just her personality. I guess I just have to know that we are 2 very different people and she is not there to make me happy, just to teach my son. Teachers are not there to entertain the parents, I know. It's just that it's hard going from a sweet, talkative, caring teacher, to one that doesn't talk much. I hope everyone has a nice day. It's overcast here today and i hope it stays that way. It's been hot lately!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Some more pictures...

Here are two pictures from Molly's second day of school. I'm bummed I missed the first day pics. She got her hair cut by my niece. I really like it. The other pic is of our backpacks, lol. I'm getting a new one this weekend. I did go nicely with my pink lunch pail and cell phone though. I'm actually more of a red girl!




Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some days I just want to bury him in the sand! Haha!


Parker sure has been a "Witch" lately! Lol!


Yay! I have my Jeep back!

It looks super nice and they even cleaned it for me! I am mobile again!

Molly had a really nice first day of 5th grade today! I totally forgot to take her picture! Waaaa! I will take one tomorrow. She loves changing classes and even made up with a friend she had trouble with. I'm so excited for her. Her favorite thing is that she has a locker. She feels so big! I hate it! Don't grow up Molly!

I have school again tomorrow. Hopefully I can get my homework done fast and don't have to spend all day in the library. My brain doesn't seem to work at home very well.

That's about it!