Monday, November 17, 2008

I must clean, I must pack, I must clean, I must pack....

I need to get off this computer! I love reading everyone's blogs and it's so hard to get work done! This morning I went to my new house and brought some boxes, got the paperwork to register Molly for her new school and went to the store to pick up a few things. When I came home the first thing I did was get on the computer. What am I doing?! I have work to do! This weekend was nice. We had lunch with my sister, niece, Mom and my niece from out of town and her kids. It was really nice. I love it when family gets together. Parker did well but didn't eat a bite. This boy is going to give me an ulcer, lol. Last night we went to Bobby's grandparents house for a visit. The kids had a blast. They played with toys, jumped on the trampoline, played games, Molly sewed, and they both got a ride on the 4-wheeler. I got one too, and I thought I was going to fall off. Bobby thought it was fun to scare me around corners! Here is a little video and a picture of the deer I saw out my bedroom window of my new house.

They didn't come out very well because I took them through a window, and on my cell phone! Btw, lol, that tooting sound in the begining wasn't me, it was the video, lol!


Reynie said...

We have those crazy deer all around our place. I took some pixs early last week and need to share. I wish I could just pet one!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I get stuck on the computer when I should be working too. It's my favorite tool for avoiding things. :-P

How neat to look out your bedroom window and spot a deer. I usually just spot crows.