Monday, November 10, 2008

Homemaker Monday

I decided to join in Homemaker Monday from 11th Heavens blog.

Here are a couple homemaking things I just love.....

First are my Glade gingerbread scented oil candles. These smell so good! When I was taking them home from the store it made my whole Jeep smell good. I can't wait to light one today, they are heavenly!

Second are these cute little bees filled with honey that I got at our grocery outlet. They were 4 for a dollar and just so cute. I should have gotten more. I thought these would be really cute in some baskets with tea, a cup and some cinnamon sticks. I'm going to do some for Christmas. You can get most of the stuff at the dollar store. I have to buy cheaper this year because we are also moving late this month. I'm excited about putting the baskets together. I've already bought some tea and baskets.

Lastly, here is a plastic serving platter I got at the dollar store. I bought a few of them for my daughters tea party birthday in August. I love them because they are fancy and cheap. I might even have to buy some more. Also, If you take them to a party and forget them it's no big deal.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Hey there, Miss Bobbi!! I'm so glad you stopped by my place- it was good to hear from you!
I LOVE LOVE those Glade candles... I have a apple/cinnamon burning in the kitchen right now and an angel whispers in the bathroom. I'll bet the gingerbread is heavenly!
Those little honey bees are adorable!

Angie said...

I bought that bee honey too... LOL at Big Lots. I was thinking Christmas too, maybe with a cornbread mix.