Sunday, November 9, 2008

I love my cats, but dang, they annoy me!

Ok, I have 3 cats, Pepper, Daisy and Jack. I love them but they are a pain. They were royally annoying me today so I thought I'd post about them.
This is why they bug me:

-Jack sneaks in a lays on Parker's bed if I'm not paying attention. Parker hates in when Jack gets on his bed at night.

-All 3 cats gather in front of the heater in the morning and the kids have to fight them for room.

-Dh hates the cats in our room, but they all sneak in any chance they get. When I leave I try and make sure none are in there so I can shut the door to keep them out. Sometimes one will hide and be locked in there until I get back.

-Jack will eat Parker's food if he's not looking.

-I have to keep Molly's door closed because we are afraid one of them will get her hamster.

-They bug me constantly if their little bowl is out of food. They have 2 bowls, a big one and a little one. They really all only like the little one.

-Daisy puts her paw in the water dish to drink. That causes litter to get in the water. That causes me to keep changing it.

-Hairballs, need I say more.

-The line to the litter box while I'm cleaning it, lol. It's like they can't wait to use it afterwards.

-The fact that Jack drools when you pet him and then afterwards shakes his head so that the drool goes all over your face.

-And finally, that everyone of them can't resist a freshly clean basket of clothes to lay on!

Ok, I'm done venting. I just felt like it tonight after chasing Jack around. I still love them!

(BTW-Pepper is black, Daisy is grey and Jack is Orange.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, man!!!

Momzoo said...

That is why I don't have pets! My kids are pets

Betsy Brock said...

We had cats for 18 years. I listed some of the reasons I don't miss them! :)

Bonnie said...

hairballs aside, you just gotta love cats, for all of that and more. I have 2, can ya tell?