Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why do I even think about it for more than a minute.....

Why does what other people say really bother me? Why can't I just brush it off and know that it's someone else's opinion that hasn't walked in my shoes. I guess you aren't human if it doesn't bother you a little. I know that people like honest people, but some people need to know how to keep things to themselves. Today someone said to me that we totally spoil Parker. Hello, he has autism, we do what we do to get by. This is a very opinionated person, and she thinks she knows everything. So why do I let it bother me? That's the crazy part. Sure, he is spoiled, but that's because him being happy makes our lives easier. If he went around crying all day it would horrible. We do what works at the moment. We are trying new things with him all the time but with some things you just need to give in. He needs to know that he is safe with us and that we are there for him. Well, now I blogged about it and I feel better. I'm just going to let it go. This person always says something that offends me so I guess I just have to get used to it. Maybe I should start saying what I feel around her all the time. I bet that would be fun for everyone, lol. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Oh, I forgot to mention: Parker played with a little girl today. It was so cute. They were running around and giggling. She was about 3 and was really talkative. She told Parker how to play and he was all for it. It was adorable. It makes me happy that he likes being around other kids. I feel so blessed that he is so high functioning. I feel like he may make friends one day and be happy. That gives me so much hope.

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