Monday, March 31, 2008

The video below

This is a silent video that I took of Parker today. I thought it would have sound but I guess my camera doesn't record sound. We were talking about all his toys. We showed his trucks on the floor, his videos on the couch and things like that. Oh well, I guess silent is better than nothing. Don't mind my messy livingroom.


Martie said...

I like the clip of all the books lined up on the couch. How typical! Zak's is cars - lines and lines and lines of cars. Oh well, he has fun.


mollyalexis said...

He loves books, but those are actually movie covers. He took out all of his, "There goes a _" videos to look out. He thinks that everything has to be layed out for him to look at. You should see my floor today. I'll pick it up while he's at school and I bet tonight it will look the same way.