Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost my voice

I can barely get out a squeak. I got myself some Ben & Jerry's. I think that will help, lol. Parker keeps wanting me to read to him. He doesn't get that it hurts. I hate that I can't yell from another room now. I have to say, "psst, psst" and point, lol. Sometimes I even mime to Molly. I was showing her that she needed to get dressed. She thought it was hilarious and kept asking me to do it again. What a nut. Yesterday I kept Parker home from school. We both mostly just layed around all day. I made him a bed up on the couch and we lounged. We did have a little excitement though, he pooped on the bathroom floor. It was an accident, but boy it wasn't fun to clean up. I even had to give him a bath. Then later in the day he pooped 4 more times. Yikes! Where did it all come from. Anyways, I'm home alone now, not talking, eating ice cream and vegging. Ahhhh.

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Marla said...

Sounds like there have been no dull moments at your house today! I will be e-mailing you soon about M's blog.