Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun Saturday!

We all had a fun Saturday! Parker and Bobby went to see "Horton Hears a Who" with Parker's aba group. Bobby said he did good and only got antsy a few times. I guess it wasn't really his type of movie though. He didn't seem that interested. We rented "Bee Movie" last night and he really liked it. I think because it had a lot of cars and trucks in it.
Molly and I and the neighbor girl went to the hospitals, " Peter Cottontail" event. We had a lot of fun. I miss being a kid because it's not as fun for the adults, lol.
My Mom won an Easter basket raffel and gave it to the kids. They really liked it. Parker kept calling a lot of it his stuff. He was happy when we got home. He even asked where Dad was going and when he would be back. I'm so proud of him! Oh yeah, Molly won a chocolate bunny too!
It felt like a family thing because my mom, sister, neice, bil, other sister we don't speak of, lol, bil, and great nephew were there.

Here are some pictures from the party in random order, my mom, my neice the tooth fairy, Molly and her friend and one of me.

Shoot! My server is acting up. I'll have to post the pictures a little later.

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Anonymous said...

The pics are great. I am really not looking forward to seeing Horton movie. M wants to see it so I am sure we will be going as soon as she is able. Have a great Sunday!