Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have never liked my name.

Here I am blogging, again. I couldn't think of anything and now I'm on a roll.
Today I was telling someone my name on the phone. She spelled it wrong and then asked me if it was short for anything. I hate that! My name is Bobbi, spelled with just an "I". There is no "E" or "Y" in it! I know it's not common, but that's how it is spelled. Now, is it short for anything? Unfortunately it is! Waaaa! Here it is.......
Bobbi Jo. See that! It's awful, it's hillbilly, it's old fashioned, it's after a girl on Petticoat junction! Well, it's after my Dad too, his name is Bob. I've always hated that my name was a boys name and it's hillbilly. I dropped the Jo after junior high. I should have done it sooner. My family still adds the Jo. I am unique for it though. My husbands name is Bobby, for those of you that don't know. It makes life interesting. Here is another weird part, his Dad's name was Robert, same as my Dads. Your thinking, no biggie, that's a common name. Well, then there is the fact that his Grandma's name is Roberta but she goes by Bobbie. Then there is his aunt who's name just happens to be Bobbi Jo. Will this never end, lol? So, as much as I dislike my name it fits my family. Does it fit me, I don't know.


Marla said...

Hmmmm...I think Bobbi is a cool name. I have always liked my name, I guess. Not crazy about my middle name though.

That would be a bit confusing having two Bobbi/Bobby's in the house!

rondamarie said...

I have always loved your name, I loved the show she picked your name from too. The girl was so sweet, just like you. Mom was so happy when she named you that because it fit your sweet little face and we knew you would grow up and be that nice girl and you did. It also made her feel good to do something nice for your dad since you weren't a boy, she still gave you his name and he was so proud, so yes your name does fit you in so many ways. And I even love the middle name. Mandy's friend Mandy F., well her middle name is Jo and she goes by Mandy Jo and she loves it. When I hear it I don't think hillbilly, I think cute, kind, sweet, good, loving, all the things you are. Love your name it was picked special for a very special person.